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Arsenal 2, Review with Example



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I love new photo gadgets and gizmos, so when I saw an ad for Arsenal 2 on Instagram, I thought I’d give it a try. The Arsenal 2 claims to be an intelligent camera assistant. According to the Arsenal 2 website, it uses AI to help set your camera for some epic photos. Last night, I used the timelapse feature. Check out the 9-second video below to see it in action.

The Arsenal 2 was simple to set up, though both times I’ve turned it on it has needed to install an update. It claims to help assist in shooting time lapse videos, panoramic photos, crowd removal photos, and other forms of photo stacking.

“Why don’t you just set your camera manually to get these same results?”

Trust me, this was my first question as well. I obviously know how to set my camera to freeze action or blur motion, such as ocean waves. And my camera can shoot video that I can easily just speed up in the editing. However, the magic of Arsenal 2 comes in the app that automatically does these things for me, instead of me having to download and edit the images or videos. For example, the time lapse video above required me to put the camera on a tripod (obviously) and then just click “start.” It measured the scene and continuously took 6″ exposures over the course of about 15 minutes (I could have let it go all night if I wanted). Then, it created the video file all by itself and then I just airdropped it to my MacBook pro. It was extremely simple. I’m assuming the other features do the same thing: process in the app, saving the photographer a ton of editing time.

For me, IDK if it’s worth the 200 dollars just yet. I need to play around with shooting star trails or the milky way first. It has a “deep color” mode that uses AI, but I haven’t discovered to to maximize that effect. If I do, I’ll do a followup post to show its effects.

Have you purchased this? Love it or hate it? I’d love to hear!

Talk to you soon,

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