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On one of my recent flights back to NWA I watched the movie Kodachrome. The storyline centers around a photographer and his son. While I won’t give away the story and moral, I did start to think about the role photography plays in my family.

We’ve all heard the saying, “the cobblers children have no shoes.” That’s not to imply I don’t take photos of my family. If you’ve been on the blog at all lately, you’ll see posts about all my girls. But I realized that most of those photos are portraits. Lovely portraits, sure, but portraits.

My wedding photos balance portraits with moments, but when it comes to moments in my own life, I want to be better at capturing them. I didn’t tell them I was going to photograph them. I didn’t have them change clothes or fix their hair. They were perfect as they were.

family moments between a mother and daughter playing on the couch in black and white

Talk to you soon,

P.S. For the photographers out there… have you watched Kodachrome? What were your thoughts?

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