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I’m so pucking punny. The literal meaning of this headline is true with today’s art. But also the figurative meaning, which I’ll share a little about in a minute.

Because of our challenging journey getting to Alaska, sleep has been off for all of us. Obviously, it affects Scout the most, so when she finally took a nap today on our drive from Anchorage to Girdwood, we immediately concocted a plan to let her sleep as long as possible. That plan ended up being me grabbing my camera gear to shoot camera and drone photography of the breathtaking scenery in Alaska.

I spent about 40 minutes shooting in 20-degree weather with strong winds. If you fly drones, you know those aren’t the optimum flying conditions. Not only does the wind affect battery and performance, but the temperature itself also causes battery draining (and can lead to malfunction, resulting in the loss of your beloved drone). Thankfully, I was well aware of these potential issues and could plan accordingly.

I got some truly exciting things on the horizon here. Below is a sample image from my shooting day; however, some tweaking might go into the final image as I get my OTHER EXCITING THING ready to share with you.

I also posted this video below as a reel to my Instagram, but because the Instagram algorithm is so dodgy, I wanted to make sure you saw it. This is an example of a before and after shot on video. The importance of color grading here is paramount. Notice how the mood changes when I enhance and alter the color of the video. For this, I used some lightroom presets (I shared this video editing hack in this blog post)

Finally, as I was bringing my drone back to me, I decided to shoot a quick photo of myself. Is this considered a selfie?

Dale Benfield, luxury wedding photographer, posing in Alaska

Stay tuned for more exciting things on the horizon!

Talk to you soon,

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