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JHS Football + Dance Team



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The JHS Football hosted Republic Friday night and Ellie performed at halftime alongside the JHS Dance Team. Canon sent me their 400mm f2.8L series lens to try out, so I thought I’d bring it along. The $12k lens was lighter than the lenses I used to shoot with during college; I was even able to handhold the lens for the shots below. It has been around 15 years since I last photographed football, and thought I would be rusty. However, I was able to track the ball well and capture the action as well as I ever have!

JHS Football of #3 running back carrying the ball past two defenders.

Congratulations to Joplin High School Eagles on another impressive victory. This is a really exciting team to watch. Multiple big run plays and long passes through the air bring a lot of excitement for this year’s team.

The JHS Half-time Show

But don’t be fooled. I wasn’t there to watch JHS Football. Ellie will always be the star of the show. I was really thankful I had the long lens to shoot her in action. With the long lens on my Canon R5C, I could shoot a fast sequence of photos. From that sequence, I chose the precise moment her feet were off the ground and legs straight. I’m digging the concentration in her eyes here.

JHS Dance team member Ellie Benfield flips during a performance during halftime.

The girls were really in sync for these high kicks. Check this out! (and I love Ellie’s facial expressions)

Ellie also led the pre-k squad of little dancers (which Scout was supposed to be in). They were all so cute, but again Ellie held my attention. She is so great with kids, and they immediately adore her. It helps that they all think she is a celebrity.

If I were reviewing that Canon 400mm 2.8 lens, which I’m not, I’d give it all the stars. Lighter weight than it used to be, fast focusing and great image stabilization make it an incredible lens for shooting sporting events. If I were reviewing Ellie, I’d also give her all the stars. She blows me away with her skill, patience, and kindness.

Talk to you soon,

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