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Making the Most of Little Moments: Week in Review #12



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Making the Most of Little Moments

This week really brought home the message of making the most of little moments. I don’t get a ton of time at home right now, and of course that is hard. However, instead of getting down about it… I just make the most of little moments with my family. That means being present when I’m home. I’m not on my phone (my phone had a 90% charge last night when I put it on the charger for the night). Outside of my blog, I try not to be on my computer too much either. Tyler and Scout (and Ellie and Cece) deserve my attention when I am home, and I do my best to give it to them.

Even during our NWA Fall Family Photo Shoot yesterday, I wanted to make it an opportunity for bonding with the family. By remembering to be a dad in these moments instead of just a photographer, I was able to be a part of a really nice experience. (thanks to Tyler for shooting behind the scenes photos of me while shooting)

Our Happy Place

One of our most very favorite places is the bookstore by our house. We go here every chance we get to read and play. Ty comes with us most times but this week Scout and I hit it up as a dynamic duo. We always read a couple books, and then she gets to pick one to buy.

This isn’t a new thing with Scout. Ellie and Cece also got the same bookstore treatment. All of my girls love to read, and I think it has a little bit to do with our bookstore adventures. This is just another example of a simple way of making the most of little moments.

Splash and Guacamole

Another thing Scout and I do often when we do our daddy daughter dates is hit up Splash Car Wash and fun local restaurants. She likes to draw on the wall (I drew the ghost and pumpkin, don’t be fooled). They also usually have popcorn and cookies, so she is in little kid heaven. For my part, I get my car detailed once a week so I get a little something out of it as well.

The restaurant with the blue horse is at Bentonville Taco on the square. I think I’ve talked about this restaurant before – it’s one of my local faves – but we always giggle at this horse because it reminds us of the wizard of oz. “This is the horse of a different color you’ve heard tell about” –the wizard. Scout likes to pose by different things (think: mannequins in Target, the frog at the bookstore, etc).

Weekly Review of Something Cool

This week’s review of something cool (usually, this is a restaurant or a cool hotel I’ve stayed at during the past week) is about the Hotel Vandivort in Springfield, MO. Springfield MO (where I got my Master’s Degree) isn’t known for cool hotels or a hip food scene, yet you can find both at the Order inside the Hotel Vandivort.

Mocktails, fine southern dining, and the coolest hotel rooms in Springfield: don’t mind if I do. I usually get the balcony suite at this hotel, and hit up the rooftop bar… but this trip I decided to do something a bit different. I loved this room because I had a lot of video editing to do… this was well equipped for such a task.

This next thing makes me laugh. It’s all in good fun, because of course in my eyes my wife can do no wrong.

Meme of the week:

funny meme about wife impulse buying a bounce house

Talk to you soon,

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