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The Benfields are Pregnant! (Again!)



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When we announced a few months ago that we were heading to Alaska in the Fall, I got a few DMs asking if the Benfields are pregnant. While I avoided the question like a politician, the reason they asked was clear. We seem to make big announcements every time we go to Alaska.

Here’s proof: Dale and Tyler’s Proposal in Alaska;

And another bit of evidence: Dale and Tyler announce their pregnancy in Alaska.

But I gotta say… they weren’t wrong! We were flying back to Girdwood Alaska (near Anchorage) to stay at Alyeska Resort so we could keep the announcement tradition alive!

The Benfields are Pregnant (okay… well… Tyler is pregnant)

Dale and Tyler Benfield Announce 2nd Pregnancy in Alaska

One of these days I might share the story of how we flew 3754 miles and almost didn’t get the photo of the announcement. It was rough going, I tell ya!

Dale and Tyler Benfield Announce 2nd Pregnancy in Alaska
Dale and Tyler Benfield Announce 2nd Pregnancy in Alaska

This post is a little shorter… just the announcement that the Benfields are pregnant. But I’ll be following up with how we told parents, Ellie, and of course how Scout is dealing with it all. Stay tuned. Or subscribe!

Talk to you soon,

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  1. Rachelle says:

    Beautiful family and Congratulations! Your life journey is amazing don’t ever stop. Thanks for sharing with us

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