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Alyeska Wedding and Review



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Brides who are looking for a really incredible destination wedding location in Alaska, check out today’s Alyeska Wedding review. I first discovered Alyeska when photographing Sidra and Sean’s engagement pictures in Alaska. They took us out to their wedding venue at Alyeska and to shoot a few photos in Girdwood. The next year, we shot their wedding at Alyeska on summer solstice (a VERY popular day in Alaska, as the sun never sets)!

Alyeska wedding review in Girdwood Alaska with a Pakistani bride and Alaskan groom holding each other on mountaintop

First off in this Alyeska Wedding review let’s talk about portrait locations. During the summer you can take the gondola to the top of the mountain at Alyeska to photograph portraits. That’s always where we photographed the wedding party. There was still some snow on the mountains behind us, which added a nice visual contrast.

While the outside and grounds were stunning, I only wish that the ceremony spot at Alyeska was paved or had grass. That’s one of the only couple negatives in a world of positives. I will say, it’s not distracting when you have these vibrant colors everywhere.

The inside space at Alyeska is a big open space that’s really versatile. I love how Sean and Sidra used their space. The big dance floor was utilized by their guests, who traveled from all over the globe.

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