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Flipping Taylor Swift Tickets // Weekly Roundup #15



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Flipping Taylor Swift tickets

Let me tell you about flipping Taylor Swift tickets! This week, Taylor Swift tickets finally went on sale. Tyler and I both signed up for early purchases, and my number wasn’t drawn. But hers did! The presale started at 10 am (waiting room at 9:30 am), so Tyler logged on and waited. And waited. Finally, after about 6 or 7 hours of waiting and then getting errors, Tyler finally got Taylor Swift tickets! I told her to buy 6 of the best she could get.

Tyler ended up getting 4 tickets at $725 a piece and 2 tickets at $145 apiece. Those were face value + Ticketmaster fees. Yes, we spent over 3k on Taylor Swift tickets.

Once we heard about the fiasco surrounding the Taylor swift tickets, we decided to we were going to be flipping Taylor Swift tickets as a set of 4 on Stubhub.

flipping taylor swift tickets

The next day, we were rewarded. We sold our tickets for 7200! Tyler made 4300 dollars profit from flipping Taylor Swift tickets! I didn’t think we would be flipping Taylor Swift tickets; however, when the opportunity presented itself, it’s hard to say now to a payday like that. Especially when we are about to have a baby and have another kid about to enter college. I have no regrets, and I’m happy for the group of 4 who bought our tickets.

A Quick and Easy Appetizer for the Holidays

Pork + Cheddar Rollups recipe

Pork + Cheddar Pinwheels Recipe
Ingredients: 1 lb. cooked ground pork sausage, 1 package thawed puff pastry, 1 cup shredded cheddar, 1/4 cup shredded parmesan cheese, 1 egg (beaten)
Directions: preheat oven to 400 degrees. Unroll puff pastry on parchment paper. Using a pizza roller or pasta roller, cut into long triangle (the width of the pastry). Brush egg onto puff pastry. Spread cooked sausage in an even layer across pastry. Repeat with cheeses. Roll them up (start at the wide end and roll to the narrow) and place them on greased cookie sheet. Bake for 15 minutes. Let cool and enjoy!

Sorry, I don’t have permission to share this snickerdoodle cookie recipe. But I have to say, they’re literally the best snickerdoodle cookies I’ve ever had. And honestly, I wasn’t really a snickerdoodle fan until I tasted these. But I wanted to share images of Ty and Scout whipping up a fresh batch to take to “Nana and Baba’s house.” This also gives you a sneak peek into our recently finished kitchen remodel. I’ll share more on that in an upcoming blog post. I promise you won’t believe the before and after!

A New Go-To Restaurant in St Louis

My last story for this weekly roundup will help anyone traveling to St Louis. I spent the week in STL photographing each day. As usual, I stayed at a Marriott property in Clayton, MO, with a hotel restaurant. Now I know what you’re thinking, “a hotel restaurant??” I know, but listen! This was one of the best hotel restaurants I’ve ever experienced. So much so that I ate there three nights in a row!

Having tried most of the menu and all their mocktails, I can say with confidence that I’m a fan. My favorite meal was also the cheapest: I ordered all their “chic bites” 6 or 7 $3 dishes. My other favorite was the beef tartare. Check out the big ol’ shaved black truffle! Next time you’re in Clayton, give Cafe La Vie a try!

What’s coming up…

This week is full of Kansas City trips. Ellie and I go there tomorrow to shop for her winter formal dress. I’m looking forward to some dad/daughter time! Then, I had back this week for shoots in Kansas City. It’s only for a couple days because then I am taking the rest of the week to be with family. I feel like I’ve crossed a finish line of sorts. 65 shoots in 68 days or something like that. Pretty wild!

Talk to you soon,

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