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Terrica’s Bridal Portraits with a Weeping Willow



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To kick off Terrica’s incredible wedding at Big Cedar at Top of the Rock, I want to share her bridal portraits with a weeping willow. I photographed these weeks before the wedding so we could have a large canvas at the wedding reception for guests to admire. Our bride, after all, is so admirable. She is fun and kind, beautiful and smart, and deserves all the happiness in the world!

Terrica’s Bridal Portraits with a Weeping Willow during golden hour in Rogers, Arkansas.

She trusted me to choose our location for this shoot, and I’ve always loved doing bridal portraits with a weeping willow. So much so that I photographed my own bride’s, Northwest Arkansas bridal portraits in the same general area.

We shot during golden hour to get a nice warm light from the sun. I love shooting during golden hour, and for bridals I usually do the beginning of golden hour so we can keep details visible during backlit and sidelit images.

There’s one last thing about this session I want to mention. Terrica brought her mom to these bridal portraits with a weeping willow. I love when brides bring their mother to the bridal session. It is such a special time for the mother as well as the daughter, and having them experience it together is really lovely. Not only that, but the best moms are also the best hype girls!

Talk to you soon,

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