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2023 Weddings Update: Prices and Availability



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handcrafted wedding album spread of a luxury wedding at The Hillside Estate in Cross Roads TX

To all those brides and grooms who are shopping for a luxury wedding photographer... this post is for you!

Limited 2023 and 2024 Availability Remaining

Just an FYI… I have 6 spots left for 2023. I take a limited number of weddings each year so that I can give the proper amount of time and attention to each and every one of my couples. Long gone are the days of shooting 45 weddings a year, which goes so fast that my head spins. During those years, I struggled to keep up with everything. I finally feel like I’ve hit my sweet spot with the number of weddings that keep me inspired (with my sanity intact). And to reiterate, now I can treat each couple the way they should be treated during this most incredible time in their lives. The bottom line is this: if you’re getting married in 2023, you may choose from the six remaining spots. You can choose from eight spots if you’re getting married in 2024.

2023 Wedding Photography Pricing

For the 2023 wedding season, we reconfigured our packages to be more inclusive. Instead of making every item in the wedding package a la carte, we are taking a more welcoming approach to wedding packages, which start at $9000.

Previously, we would start with a base fee and add hours. Now we just include up to 9 consecutive hours of wedding coverage on the wedding day. FINALLY! You no longer have to cram 9 hours of wedding events into 6 or 7 hours of coverage. We are there for you… day and night! We are also including a hand-crafted bespoke wedding album for every couple! When we sat down to examine our packages, it was important to me that everyone got a wedding album. It’s a fantastic family heirloom.

I’ve previously mentioned how Scout loves to look at our wedding album. I want you to have that too! And of course, the wedding package includes editing and high-resolution digital negatives. These are stored on the cloud you can access them again and again.

These changes make the package really user-friendly; you shouldn’t have to choose between seven hours or nine hours. You shouldn’t have to choose whether you want an album or use that money for coverage. Now, you just get both!

There are a few add-ons available:

  • engagement portrait (1500)
  • bridal portrait (1000)
  • additional wedding album (3000)
  • additional hours, if you need more than 9 (1000)
  • for larger events, additional photographers can be added
  • for multi-day events, like Indian weddings, we offer custom packages
  • travel costs might apply (reach out to me for details because some travel costs can be waived)

These will be on my new website when it launches, but because I’m getting a lot of inquiries right now, I want to have the information readily available pre-launch.

Here’s to 2023! May it be our best year yet, friends!

Talk to you soon,

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