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Fastest Finger in the South: How I Got the Shot



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This post might sound silly, but it’s a real lesson for photographers. When I was photographing Terrica and Nick’s wedding at Top of the Rock at Big Cedar Lodge, I captured a literal gunshot with my camera. It would be challenging for any photographer to get the shot I did because it’s a game of milliseconds. First, take a look at the image below. This is the image I’ll be talking about for the rest of the post.

Luxury wedding photographer gets perfect shot of canon going off at a wedding at Top of the Rock at Big Cedar Lodge in Ridgedale Missouri near Branson.

When I was 15 years younger than I am now, I realized how fleeting those perfect moments were. I realized how fast one had to be to catch them. And just like any professional would do in such a situation, I practiced. Like musicians practice their scales, boxers practice their jabs, and chefs practice their cuts, I practice my clicks. Again, I know this sounds like a joke (I am trying to have fun with this). However, I would watch cartoons, tv shows, and movies and practice pressing the shutter.

Photographers, you don’t have to have your camera. Snap your fingers the millisecond you see a poignant moment. Or tap your finger on your leg when you notice a great facial expression. Then, work your way up to surprising moments like gunshots. It sounds goofy, but it is a real skill. As a luxury wedding photographer, I feel like I should have all the skills leveled up in my arsenal of tricks. This is one that allowed me to get a shot fired from a canon at sunset with the couple looking on.

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