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JHS Winter Formal Photos of Ellie’s Gang



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I’ve been looking forward to taking these JHS Winter Formal Photos for months. Ellie and I made a special dad/daughter trip to Kansas City to find the perfect dress for the “enchanted garden” them for the winter dance. We found what we believe is the perfect dress at Halls Department Store at Crown Center. Of course we tried on dresses all over the city, but decided this was the ONE. Doesn’t Ellie look absolutely stunning? I had to hop in on a couple of pictures with my gorgeous girl.

Then I took JHS Winter Formal Photos of Ellie with her date, Duncan, and with all her friends. Everybody looked so nice!

Photographers, a photo tip for taking these JHS Winter Formal Photos: Use a bounce flash off a white wall for indirect, soft lighting. That’s exactly how I shot the staircase series below. You might see some familiar faces. Jensen (I did her senior pictures in Tulsa) and Taegan (I shot her senior pictures in water) were in Ellie’s crew.

Ellie rocked her JHS Winter Formal Photos, shooting both cute and fun…

… and also edgy and cool. This girl can do it all, I swear.

Photographers, ready for this next tip? I switched up to direct flash, manual mode with a slow shutter to create this “ghosting” effect.

Finally, Scout hopped in on a couple with her big sister “eddie” (queue: dad’s heart melting).

Talk to you soon,

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