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Luxury Wedding Photographer Review from a Mother of the Bride



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luxury wedding photographer shoots a bride and groom at La Piazzole villa in Florence Italy during golden hour

I honestly LOVE mothers of the bride. Maybe it stems from my close relationship with my own mother, and my wife’s mom (who is truly like a mother to me), but I just have the biggest heart for each and every mother I meet. So, it’s nice when I get a lovely note from a mother of the bride after the wedding, like what happened after Emily and Ford’s wedding in Italy. Emily’s mom sent me the sweetest email:

Sweet Words from the Mother of the Bride

“We cannot thank you enough for coming to Florence, Italy, with us.  The photographs you took are both incredible and beautiful. We enjoyed getting to know you and think the world of you. I truly loved your spirit.  We joke about you saying “got it”, when you click a few clicks and what’s amazing is that you did get it so effortlessly.  You are so talented I hope the world sees how much.

We wish you and yours many blessings and much success.”

-Sabrina Corbin,
Mother of the Bride

More About this Gorgeous Wedding

While we are talking about this gorgeous wedding, let’s go ahead and look at a few images, shall we? These details are timeless and impeccable.

I love a sentimental mom + daughter moment. This shot wasn’t staged… it’s just a matter of knowing the ins and outs of the relationships I’m photographing (something I take a lot of pride in as a luxury wedding photographer!) and being prepared for moments like this to unfold in front of the camera. And of course, by making everyone feel so comfortable in front of me, they can be themselves and I am able to capture it!

The ceremony was also timeless and beautiful. I love the floral arch that perfectly frames our couple for their first kiss.

Directly following the ceremony, I was able to take the couple for a few minutes in the warm golden hour light for some #bennybacklight photos. Benny backlight is my signature style of portraits that produce a warm glow, which is both romantic and flattering.

luxury wedding photographer shoots a bride and groom at La Piazzole villa in Florence Italy during golden hour
luxury wedding photographer shoots a bride and groom at La Piazzole villa in Florence Italy during golden hour

One of the most amazing venues I’ve been able to photograph, La Piazzole in Florence Italy had breathtaking gardens. I wanted to show those in the same shots as the reception dinner, so I arranged to get this view for the most beautiful image.

La Piazzole wedding details in Florence Italy

Then everyone was ready to eat, drink, and be merry!

Talk to you soon,

P.S. Photographers, I made another post from this wedding sharing some of the composition tools I used. Check it out here: 3 Composition Photo Tips from Emily’s Wedding in Italy

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