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Pregnancy Update with a Little Bad News / Weekly Roundup #17



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20 Week Pregnancy Checkup

This week Tyler and I had an appointment with the doctor to see our baby and to chat about all things baby. Tyler’s 20-week checkup came with a little bit of bad news. Even a little scary. After an ultrasound to see the baby and confirm the gender (yes, we know!), the doctor came into the room with a clipboard containing a big picture of a uterus on it. (queue flashbacks to 7th grade) She brought visual aids to help explain placenta previa.

Essentially, placenta previa is when the placenta (the organ that gives oxygen and nourishment to the baby during pregnancy) covers (partially or fully) the cervix. Unfortunately, in Tyler’s case her cervix is completely covered. That means a lot of things, some of which are scary. If that ruptures, a lot of bad things happen that I don’t want to talk about. However, with some precautions and a mandatory c-section, everything will be just fine. Precautions include things like pelvic rest (aka no sex until after baby arrives), and avoid lifting heavy things (like Scout).

Then Tyler and I had to have the very real discussion of what the plan should be if she went into labor and there were complications. It wasn’t a fun morning, but the silver lining was definitely getting to see our baby and confirm the gender.

Ellie + Scout

Saturday we drove to Joplin to watch Ellie’s Christmas Dance Program for Karen’s Dance Studio. Scout danced in the rows along with the kids on stage, but her favorite part was hanging with Ellie. I just love how much Scout adores Ellie. She talks about her all the time, and wants to be just like her. Honestly, not a bad role model to have.

Other Photos from the Week

We spent a lot of the rest of the week making Target runs, playing with trains, and lounging around the house. Tyler and I of course have meetings (and I have local shoots), but I was able to work in Northwest Arkansas most of the week!

Well, that wraps up this week. It was nice being home so much and spending a lot of time with all my girls. This week I’ll be heading to St Louis for some video shoots (I’m the Director of Photography for this production), which is pretty exciting. Even better is that Scout and Tyler get to accompany me!

Talk to you soon,

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