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Best Wedding Dresses of 2022: Vote Now



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This year’s nominees for Best Wedding Dresses of 2022 are below. Wedding gowns do a remarkable job of giving insight into a bride’s personal style. While a traditional bride might choose a wedding gown that boasts a long train and sweeping veil, a modern southern bride will probably choose a shorter dress with a modern twist. This year’s brides tended to go more modern, and even showed some wedding dress options that involve color. Plunging necklines were popular with this year’s brides, and many opted for a 2nd, shorter dress to change into at the reception. A quick note about today’s selections, the photos loaded out of order so pay close attention to the names as you vote at the bottom of this post.

Without further adieu, here are the Best Wedding Dresses of 2022


About voting: You can vote at the bottom of the page. You can vote for the Best Wedding Dresses of 2022 1 time from each device. The trick for more votes is to share this on social media (please and thank you!). The couple wins REAL prizes, so you’re helping them out with your vote!


best wedding dresses of 2022


best wedding dresses of 2022 shown on a modern southern bride at chapel on the creeks in rogers


Best wedding dresses of 2022 include a monique lhuillier gown on a brunette bride at Hillside Estate in DFW








dramatic, sexy wedding portraits of bride and groom by NWA Wedding photographer Benfield Photography at Kindred North in Centerton.

Thanks for taking a look at the worthy nominees, and thank you to the Benny Brides (and their planners) who put such thoughtful details into their wedding day.

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