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Emily’s Classic Bridal Portraits



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I need to apologize to you, because before we can start voting on the 2023 Benny Awards, I have to share Emily’s Classic Bridal Portraits. It’s only fair that she gets her own blog post like all the other nominees before voting goes live, don’t you think?

I hadn’t met Emily before we shot these classic bridal portraits; however, I photographed her lovely sister’s bridal portraits about five years ago! I love it when using Benfield Photography is a tradition for families! There is no higher compliment!

Emily looked gorgeous and sophisticated for a bridal portrait session, which we shot in March of 2022. Why has it taken me so long to post these gorgeous southern bridal portraits?! Well, because I didn’t shoot her wedding, I didn’t have the date on my radar. Of course, I never post bridal portraits before the bride’s wedding day. So, it slipped off of my to-post list.

Her dress was so stunning for her Classic Bridal Portraits. We photographed these at Chapel on the Creeks in Rogers because of its many backgrounds. It has been a favorite location in NWA of mine for years.

What a beauty!

When the wind picked up, we just kept shooting. Because her hair was up, it allowed just small pieces of hair to flow in the wind, which added a really pretty movement and life to the images. I also really love her timeless bridal bouquet. Stunning.

Okay… now that we’ve wrapped this up,

Talk to you soon,

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