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What Unboxing Cartier Taught Me About Packaging



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Unboxing Cartier. While I normally cringe at unboxing videos, I physically couldn’t help myself when I got my package in the mail. I’m not going to spoil what was inside it. You’re going to have to watch my unboxing Cartier video below…

Okay, now that you’ve seen my Unboxing Cartier video (which you can also find on my TikTok), let’s chat! I was blown away by the level of luxury in their packaging from just some body wash. Sure, it was $60, but when they have items for $28000 on their website, I didn’t expect everything to be so nice. Which got me thinking…

What Unboxing Cartier Taught Me About Packaging

I have boutique packaging from my lab that I include for some orders. However, in an effort to set myself apart from other photographers in 2023, I think packaging is one way I’ve been “phoning it in” for the past couple of years. But alas! This year is the year of realignment. I’m getting back to what made me successful in the first place. I believe I’m the best luxury wedding photographer in Arkansas, and deliver a product and experience unlike any other. I am going to do a better job of shouting it from the rooftops this year!

Also, since I was already unboxing beautiful things, I thought I would shoot a couple photographs of the Cartier setup. I switched up the lighting on a couple for variety.

Talk to you soon,

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