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I’m reworking my website and I need some help. I love the photos, the layout, and the vibe of the website. However, I can’t figure out what I want my main headline to say. I’ve had the site live for a few weeks now, and have already changed the top headline a couple times. First, it was “wedding photography, elevated” which spoke to my luxury wedding photography. Then I switched it up to a 2nd idea, “Quality Matters.” However, I ended up making that headline its own page on this website, so now we are at version 3: Treat Yourself.

Why “Treat Yourself”? Well, one… it’s short. I wanted something short, around 15 characters, so it could make a big impact. Second, because I realize that a luxury wedding photographer is not only a splurge, but also a treat. However, it doesn’t scream anything about photography or weddings. (both those words eat up a lot of characters)

Anyway, I was hoping there is a perfect answer out there. The perfect phrase or headline that would inspire couples to contact me after reading and viewing. Any ideas? Maybe the winning idea gets a prize! Hello target gift card?

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