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It’s a BOY! (and 3 more updates)



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Yes, you read that right… It’s a BOY! I’ve proudly worn the “girl dad” title for over 18 years. I understand girls. I know how to be a girl dad. And honestly, I love it so much. My girls are my life. But… a BOY.

I’ve often joked that I wouldn’t know what to do if I had a boy. I have zero experience with it, and I haven’t been a boy in 40 years. But you know… I figured out how to be a girl dad, so I think I got this!

Scout, of course, has known for a while. Recently, I asked Scout what she thought about Baby Brother. This was her response:

Oh, that kid.

Today’s Updates:

  1. Momma is pumping milk. A LOT of milk! She is hooking herself up to a machine every two hours because Baby Brother gets to eat it through a feeding tube! That makes me so happy, and I know makes Tyler feel like she is doing some good (which she IS).
  2. Baby Brother’s oxygen is being weened down to 1 today (and is breathing room air). Those didn’t mean anything to me 3 days ago, so if you’re clueless, just know it’s good!
  3. Baby Brother pooped! This is one of the big checkmarks on the list. I happen to be in there with him when the black lava started pouring out. Graphic? Maybe, but also hilarious. I’m so proud of this little man! Every day he fights, and every day, he makes gains.

I think there was one other big update, but I can’t remember at the moment. So, subscribe to the blog and I’ll be posting updates along the way!

newborn baby in the NICU

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