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In honor of the Superbowl today, I thought I would write a blog post about me being an NFL Wedding Photographer! You might have seen my post earlier in the week about being Josh Bryant and Kristin Chenoweth’s wedding photographer, but I’ve also photographed a handful of NFL weddings! If I did U of A Hogs football weddings, this would be an incredibly long post (and it all started with Casey Dick… what a time!). I’m tempted to pull the McFadden picture from that, but let’s stick with grooms.

Sam Bradford Wedding

First up, I was the NFL Wedding Photographer for Sam Bradford. The OU Heisman winner went on to play in the NFL for a few different teams. While I didn’t know Bradford before his engagement, he was so kind and treated me like we were longtime friends. For more from this wedding, check out this page: Sam Bradford wedding on top of Aspen Mountain.

Zach Hocker Wedding

One of my favorite dudes in NWA is my buddy Zach Hocker. I got to be his NFL Wedding Photographer a handful of years ago at Sassafras Springs Vineyard. Fun fact, it was my first time to fly in a helicopter (see the photo below). We flew from the ceremony to the couple’s reception in downtown Fayetteville.

Another fun fact from Sloane and Zach’s wedding is that they had some famous guests from NWA. Shay Mooney (from Dan+Shay) was there. I hadn’t photographed him since I shot his senior photographs and/or his sister’s wedding. Also Josh was there to play (who is marrying Kristin Chenoweth), and American Idol favorite Madison Watkins sang during the reception.

Mike Brisiel Wedding

Also, I was the NFL Wedding Photographer for Mike Brisiel, who played for the Texans and married Claire from NWA. Their Fayetteville Country Club wedding reception was beautiful. A couple years after their wedding, they asked me to photograph their daughter’s newborn portraits. There is no greater compliment than continuing to ask me to photograph all of life’s big moments.

Jose Valdez Wedding

In 2010 (crazy… 13 years ago!), I photographed Katy and Jose Valdez’ wedding in Northwest Arkansas. I also had the really fun opportunity to shoot their engagement portraits in Atlanta for the former Hog and Falcon. Recently, I saw the couple and their sweet family at Local Lime in Rogers. Bumping into my Benny couples is one of my very favorite things!

I know other professional athletes have hired me as well, so maybe I can remember to do one of these during the world series and the NBA finals, as I’ve photographed each!

Okay, I feel like I am missing one (or maybe two), but I just can’t remember! Sorry if I left you out, anyone! Hahaha! In any case, I’m so thankful for each and every couple in Northwest Arkansas and beyond who hires me to be their wedding photographer. From the bottom of my heart, thank you!

Talk to you soon,

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