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The Benfield Difference: 3 Things



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Recently, Dale and I sat down to think about The Benfield Difference… things that set us apart from the other wedding photographers in Northwest Arkansas. We came up with about a hundred things, but we narrowed it down to 3 to share with you! When you compare apples to oranges, you typically don’t get good results, so make sure you are taking everything into account when you hire your wedding photographer.

The Benfield Different: Turnaround Time

1) We will have your pictures edited and in your hands within one week. When Dale and I got married in 2019, we waited nearly two months for our photos. In the wedding industry, that’s fairly standard, but to us, it felt like an eternity. Being on the other side of the waiting game made us want to reevaluate our own timeline with your wedding pictures. We want you to be able to relive one of the best days of your life as quickly as possible. That’s why we have committed to returning photos to our wedding clients within seven days (usually, even quicker!). The Benfields aren’t patient people, either – we know the struggle!

Not only that, but we will also send you 3-5 edited photo teasers before your wedding day is even over. Want to post your special day to socials on your special day? We got you.

“Why do you only take 12 weddings a year?”

2) We only take on twelve weddings a year. In 2010, Dale photographed forty (!!) weddings. By the end of the year, he was exhausted. It was a great year filled with beautiful events and incredible people, but he realized afterward that he wanted to change things up moving forward. By taking a limited number of weddings per year, we are able to provide a more individualized service, catering only to you and to your events. This is how we are able to turn around your pictures within a week. Plus, We’ll know your grandmother’s birthday, your childhood cat’s name, and the designer of your wedding dress.

Antici……… pation

3) After twenty years of shooting weddings, Dale can anticipate special moments that other photographers might overlook. Dale has photographed over 500 weddings. With that much experience, you see some things – the good, the bad, and the beautiful – and you develop a sort of wedding sixth
sense. For example, we have cultivated a knack for anticipating who will cry. It’s one of Dale’s gifts (along with making the best mushroom risotto you’ve ever tasted). Spoiler alert: it’s not always who you think it will be! We pride ourselves on being in the perfect position for these moments. Sometimes the smaller moments turn into the most precious memories.

Need proof? This is a message from a former bride:

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