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Wedding Images on Handmade Paper: New Product, Unlocked



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Recently I’ve been playing around with Images on Handmade Paper. I wanted a unique print for weddings and fine art family sessions and discovered that I could print images on handmade paper. I still offer regular prints and enlargements, as well as gallery-wrapped canvases, but I wanted something unique that other photographers don’t offer. As a luxury wedding photographer, I want to offer exceptional products that make a strong statement.

unique wedding print on hand handmade paper by luxury wedding photographer dale benfield

I have my own commercial printer, which prints all sorts of shapes and sizes, and on all types of paper. So, I thought I would experiment with it recently and, as a result, Images on Handmade Paper were born! I love the unique look of these when placed in a floating frame. They definitely make a statement. I have found that these work best with lighter images. However, I can help you choose the best images from your sessions if you are interested in ordering your own.

unique wedding print on hand handmade paper  in a floating gold frame by luxury wedding photographer dale benfield

Currently, I’m offering these prints in both 4×6 and 8×10 sizes. Image sizes are approximate, as no two handmade paper stocks are identical. I also include a few floating frame options, which are included in the price of the custom print. For more details or to order your own, fill out my contact form and let’s get started!

Talk to you soon,

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