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Weekly Roundup #21: Birthday Week



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It was my birthday week this week. I felt so special this week; not only did I get to be home and have a day date with Tyler, but we celebrated with a small pizza party and then with some new friends in Eureka.

Eureka Springs Mardi Gras Parade

I didn’t expect Saturday to turn into a full-day of fun, but it did! Tyler, Scout, and I drove to Eureka Springs to photograph Jade and Jeff Coats, who signed up for my twice-a-year mini session package (sorry… it’s sold out!). After having a few schedule conflicts, we finally aligned on what was sure to be a fun shoot: at their airbnb in downtown Eureka Springs on Mardi Gras weekend. The session doubled as a boudoir session, as Tyler and Jade collaborated on a fun session together. Then, we decided to grab food together and we chatted for hours. Oh, and there was a parade, with beads. Lots and lots of beads. I think Scout was the real winner of the parade.

Day Date with the Wife

It’s rare that: 1) we both are in town and have the day off, and 2) we get to have a day date. For my birthday, Tyler said I get to pick anything I want for the day. Scout had school, so we went to coffee and chatted and started planning our next family vacation. Then we went shopping (I got new Lulu gear) and then had a drink and an appetizer at Crabby’s. We sat at the bar, because we never get to sit at the bar, and I upgraded my old fashioned to the Basil Hayden + luxardo cherry old fashioned. Treat yo self, amiright? I don’t remember the last time we got to do a day date, but it was one of my all-time favorite days with my wife!

upgraded old fashioned with basil haydens and luxardo cherries

Then, I decided to eat at my favorite local pizza joint, Oven and Tap, for dinner. Tyler’s parents joined us, and Ellie drove down from Joplin. It was a lovely evening! Then, Tyler made my favorite cake: German Chocolate (just like my momma would make me!). Unfortunately, I didn’t snap a picture of her beautiful creation before I started into it. Oh well… take my word for it… it was delicious!

I’m very thankful for such an incredible family, and for each of my wonderful girls! Happy birthday to me!

Thanks for being here,

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