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Weekly Roundup #22:



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I know you’re probably checking this blog to get an update on baby. It was a long, hard, and emotional day and I’m not ready to write about all that transpired. Maybe tomorrow.

Ellie’s Senior Night

Earlier this week, Ellie danced her last home game for basketball. Ty, Scout, and I drove to Joplin to watch her perform, and they had a nice ceremony announcing the senior and her plans. They also announced who was escorting her. In true Ellie fashion, she asked Tyler and Scout to join us at center court. Ellie never ceases to amaze me. Her heart to make sure everyone feels included is one of Ellie’s most beautiful qualities.

Gifts for Baby

Now, I wasn’t born yesterday. I know that a lot of the reason Scout wanted to go to Build-A-Bear was to make her own present. But when you phrase it as a question: “can we make a present for baby ….?” well, you have to give in to that thoughtfulness, right? Haha! Regardless, we’ve been buying presents for both mama and baby recently. Scout is very very excited to meet baby.

One-on-One Time

The other thing Scout and I have been doing lately is having some one-on-one time. I know that when we get to bring baby home, time will be divided (though also shared). So, we’ve been doing some extra fun things recently. This craft included mixing paints in a dixie cup and pouring it over magnet hearts (it looks like marble when you do it right)! We had a blast and created some masterpieces!

I know that Scout will be happy, and her life enriched when she becomes a big sister. However, that doesn’t stop me from feeling sad about her not being the baby anymore. Honestly, she will likely take it better than me. She always surprises me with her maturity.

It was a busy week of travel, but I made the most of my time at home. And now, it looks like I’ll be spending a lot more time at home as baby comes. I’m so excited to strengthen these bonds over the coming months.

Thanks for being here,

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