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Avett Update: Day 4



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We have a lot of things to celebrate today with Baby Avett. This little guy is a freaking rockstar. We had one small setback (which I’ll get to in a minute), but it seems like each day of his life he makes one major update that lets his worried parents know that he has his heart in this fight.

Past updates include regulating his own body temperature and breathing on his own. Little things that you and I take for granted are a big deal for this little boy.

The big deal for day 4 was that he got his IV out! He had been receiving fluid with sugar and protein though it, but he is keeping all Tyler’s breastmilk down. So, celebrate along with me:

Breathe room air… ✔️
Cannula out… ✔️
Regulate temperature… ✔️
IV out… ✔️

His only setback was that his temperature dropped some. He was put into a regular NICU bed (without the heater) and it dropped. Instead of putting him back in the heated situation, they just increased the temperature of the room a little. Retreat is not an option, lol.

Special Visitors

Yesterday, Baby Avett had some special visitors: HIS SISTERS! Ellie drove down from Joplin right after school to see Baby Avett for the first time. She was smitten and my heart melted all over again. Cece also saw him for the first time yesterday. She giggled the whole time. And while Scout has seen Baby A each and every day, but she still kisses the window to the NICU.

So, yeah… no, they haven’t been able to hold him. And they won’t get to until he gets discharged. That breaks my heart a little because we are looking at a month or so in the NICU. But you know… whatever is best for baby. For now, behind the looking glass is where they’ll be.

Thanks for being here,

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