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Preview: Wedding at Knotting Hill Place in Texas for Cortlyn and Sumner



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Wedding at Knotting Hill Place

In the heart of July, amidst the vibrant Texan landscape, a love story unfolded like a carefully composed symphony. Cortlyn and Sumner embarked on their journey of forever at the iconic Knotting Hill Place, a venue that stood as a testament to their enduring love. As a luxury wedding photographer, I captured every intimate detail, every tear (and there were plenty to catch), and every heart-soaring moment of their enchanting indoor ceremony and reception.

Nestled just outside of Dallas, Knotting Hill Place boasts an enchanting ambiance that feels like it was plucked from the pages of a fairytale. Lush gardens, intricate architecture, and an air of timeless elegance provided the perfect backdrop for Cortlyn and Sumner’s nuptials. With the summer sun casting a golden glow, the stage created a day of unparalleled romance.

Cortlyn's wedding at Knotting Hill Place outside Dallas, TX, with golden hour sunlight for her sunset wedding portraits with her groom

A Vision Brought to Life by Hunter Orcutt

A wedding planner extraordinaire, Hunter Orcutt waved her magic wand over every aspect of the event. Her meticulous attention to detail was evident in every corner of the venue, from the ethereal floral arrangements that seemed to bloom straight from dreams, to the carefully curated seating that ensured every guest felt like royalty. Hunter’s touch added an extra layer of enchantment to an already magical day. I have had the honor of working alongside Hunter at multiple weddings, and know first-hand that she is a magician when it comes to making wedding dreams come true.

an emotional bride cries seeing her reception spaced brought to life by Hunter Orcutt at the Knotting Hill Place wedding venue in Dallas TX

A Bride’s Elegance, and a Groom’s Emotional Reaction

Cortlyn’s devotion to Sumner beautifully showcased itself in every meticulous detail. Her bridal ensemble was a masterpiece. It reflected not just her personal style, but the love story she shared with her groom. Sumner’s emotional reaction was palpable as his bride walked down the aisle with a vision of grace and elegance. Tears glistened in his eyes, a testament to the profound love that bound them together. This singular moment, filled with raw emotion, exemplified the power of photography to capture genuine, unfiltered feelings.

wedding at Knotting Hill Place, a bride is escorted down a perfect aisle

Anticipating Precious Moments

A luxury wedding photographer‘s artistry goes beyond simply capturing images; it lies in our ability to anticipate and immortalize the fleeting, yet profound moments. The exchange of vows, the stolen glances, the tender touches—these are the threads that weave the fabric of a love story. As Cortlyn and Sumner’s day unfolded, I stood ready to seize each precious instance, ensuring that their wedding album would be a living, breathing testament to their love story.

Cortlyn and Sumner’s mid-July wedding at the Knotting Hill Place was a symphony of love that resonated through time and space. From the meticulous details that adorned the venue to the tearful, emotion-laden moments between the bride and groom, every element of their day was a testament to the power of love and the importance of capturing it in all its forms. As a wedding photographer, I reveled in the opportunity to weave their story into a visual masterpiece—a treasure trove of memories that they, and their loved ones, will cherish forever. For every couple planning their wedding, remember that a skilled photographer is not just a documenter, but a storyteller who captures the essence of your love, encapsulating it in a single frame that will stand the test of time.

wedding at Knotting Hill Place in Dallas with a vintage car, planned by Hunter Orcutt

I’ll share more from this beautiful and emotional wedding over the next couple weeks. I am excited to break down all her incredible details, tender moments, and stunning portraits. Also, I plan on sharing some behind the scenes footage and stories from her perfect wedding day. Finally, you’ll get to hear about some of my favorite and best Dallas wedding vendors. I look forward to seeing you back here for those, especially if you’re planning your own wedding in the Dallas area.

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