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Luxury Wedding at Greystone Estate Beaver Lake



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This mock Wedding at Greystone Estate was everything I dreamed it could be. As we embarked on the journey of our styled wedding photo shoot, our hope was to inspire future couples to embrace bold colors and avant-garde styles in their own celebrations of love. This dream, carefully nurtured, found its breathtaking manifestation through the creative prowess of Jules Design Event Florals. Guided by their vision, steeped in luxury and contemporary allure, we embarked on a whimsical adventure inspired by the glamour of the Oscars and the cutting-edge trends of high-fashion blogs.

bride laying on a pool table in a luxury dress at for the styled Wedding at Greystone Estate.

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bride standing by luxury fireplace in a luxury dress at for the styled Wedding at Greystone Estate.

Under the expert guidance of acclaimed luxury wedding photographer Dale Benfield, a collaboration blossomed, uniting the talents of Northwest Arkansas’ finest artisans. Greystone Beaver Lake, our chosen backdrop, unfurled its versatile canvas, offering an air of exclusivity and adaptability to our creative endeavors. With Jules’ floral arrangements adorning the landscape, fountains transformed into cascading blooms, creating an ethereal oasis for our mock ceremony.

Within the manor’s embrace, Alchemy Event Rentals worked their magic, transforming the dining hall into a sanctuary of warmth and abundance. The grandeur of the great room, with its crackling fireplace and elegant piano, became the stage for timeless portraits, capturing the essence of our fictitious couple’s romance. As twilight descended, intimate moments unfolded in the billiards room, immortalizing the imagined love shared between two souls.

In the language of flowers, we found poetry — opting for not one, but two bouquets, each a testament to different facets of love’s journey. With precision and care, Jules Design and her team imbued each bloom with intention, infusing our fictional celebration with layers of meaning and emotion.

The gown, a masterpiece by Dany Tabet, was a symphony of elegance and grace, chosen in harmony with Tesori Bridal’s discerning eye. Worn by the radiant Chaney Baumgardner, it danced with the breeze, a vision of timeless beauty. Mr. Tux NWA provided the perfect ensemble for our groom, while Jules Design added a touch of regal sophistication with a bespoke brooch.

Completing the narrative were the exquisite paper goods from Shindig Paperie, each invitation and card a whisper of anticipation, inviting viewers into our enchanted world of make-believe. And the cake was a masterpiece by Shelby Lynn’s Cake Shoppe.

A luxury wedding photographer can handle every lighting situation with confidence. We used external lighting to create mood and balance light ratios.

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