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Garden & Gather Florist Elopement Floral Session



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Garden & Gather Florist is a new intimate and elopement floral business in Northwest Arkansas. I had the pleasure of teaming up with Garden and Gather Florist and Kate & Co. at the Garden Room recently. Tesori provided the dresses for this dreamy elopement.

beautiful young bride in designer gown with backlit sunset light

The florist set up a number of different table options for an intimate wedding or elopement. From garland table runners to candelabra centerpieces, there are so many options.

We had some time during table setup to shoot a few bridal portraits of my new friend, Sydney, and she totally looked amazing in the Tesori wedding dresses.

I found some gorgeous “Benny Backlight” that we just HAD to take bridal portriats in.

beautiful young bride in designer gown with backlit sunset light
beautiful young bride in designer gown with sidelit sunset light

This is my favorite shot of the photo shoot. I love how the lighting pours in. The soft look the bride is giving as she views her veil is perfection (good job, Sydney!) and everything just fell in to place perfectly.

beautiful young bride in designer gown with backlit sunset light

Garden & Gather also does bridal bouquets, boutonnieres, and corsages. I was able to photograph a few examples and it’s amazing how far boutonnieres have come in my 15 or so years photographing weddings.

Tesori also sent a few bridesmaid dresses for us to photograph. Chloe did a perfect job being a beautiful bridesmaid.

This next shot is one of my favorites. The bride and I had just finished taking a few bridal portraits when I was walking in the Garden Room for a break, but then I saw this amazing lighting. I knew I had to photograph her in this light. This is what Benny Backlighting is all about!

beautiful young bride in designer gown with backlit sunset light

The Garden Room is one of my all-time favorite venues. The space is so versatile (I even had my birthday party and Benny Awards there!), and it always looks amazing. They have an incredible staff and facilities. Oh, and it’s right on Dickson. Nothing is more Fayetteville!

Talk to you soon,

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