May 10, 2022

Bentonville Engagement Photos for Beth + Blake

sunset portraits for young couple's engagement photos in bentonville

I hope you’re ready for the prettiest Bentonville Engagement Photos from my shoot with Elizabeth and Blake. Planning the Shoot for Bentonville Engagement Photos As I do with every photo shoot, I ask the couple to send me photographs their planned outfits. This does two big things. First, it forces the couple to put thought […]


May 7, 2022

Wedding Portraits at Allenbrook Farms for J+Z

Sunset golden hour wedding portraits at Allenbrook Luxury Venue in Franklin TN.

Can we call Wedding Portraits at Allenbrook Farms the big finale? After yesterday’s fireworks sendoff from the wedding reception, well, that was hard to beat! But I’ll do my best. We actually spent two times capturing Wedding Portraits at Allenbrook Farms on the wedding day: one, directly after Jenny and Zac’s first look. Then we […]


May 4, 2022

Allenbrook Farms Luxury Venue in Franklin TN: Wedding Sneak Peek

Luxury wedding portrait of bride and groom outside Allenbrook Luxury wedding venue in Franklin TN. The groom is twirling his bride.

Allenbrook Luxury Wedding Venue in Franklin TN: Details Sneak Peek There is a Luxury Venue in Franklin TN, about 30 minutes outside of Nashville, called Allenbrook Farms. Jenny and Zac chose this beautiful location to start their marriage together, and I can see why. It is a unique wedding venue with a lot of beautiful […]


April 16, 2022

Wedding Portraits at Hillside Estate / DFW Wedding Photographer

bride and groom hugging during sunset for their wedding portraits at Hillside Estate

Wedding Portraits at Hillside Estate / DFW Wedding Photographer We shot Wedding Portraits at Hillside Estate not once, not twice, but THREE times on Caroline and Daniel’s wedding day. TBH, I just couldn’t help myself! Caroline and Daniel didn’t do a first look together before the wedding, which is usually a time when I would […]


November 11, 2019

Sunrise Engagement Pictures for Lauren Weaver and Luke Bonfield

romantic pose of a guy hugging a girl from behind during sunrise engagement session

Sunrise Engagement Pictures are a rarity, but I’ve become more of a morning person lately! When Lauren Weaver and Luke Bonfield wanted sunset pictures I was in a panic! Y’all… I don’t have any spots left this fall. What’s a photographer to do? How a photographer shoots golden light pictures when it’s not sunset… Most […]


November 7, 2016

Benny Backlight Wedding Portraits for Justin and Ryan

Hey everybody! It’s all about that gorgeous light! We were able to time the portrait session perfectly for Justin and Ryan’s wedding portraits on Saturday to get that killer sunset light! Check these out! Talk to you soon, Dale


September 15, 2016

Malibu CA Family Portraits for Sarah, part 2

Hey everybody! I’ve got more Malibu family portraits from Sarah’s sweet shoot recently. We found amazing light in the Santa Monica Mountains and with a smiling baby, the rest of the shoot fell into place! Enjoy more from this session! If you’re in SoCal and want to book a session with me, email me at […]


September 14, 2016

Malibu CA Family Portraits for Sarah

Hey everybody! I teased this shoot recently and now I’ve got the rest ready for you to view. I photographed Sarah’s family in the Santa Monica Mountains near Malibu, CA. This area is rich with wineries and amazing sunlight. I hiked a bit to find the perfect locations for our photo shoot – a little […]


July 31, 2016

Big Cedar Wedding Portraits

Hey everybody! I’m obsessed with this warm lately. I love my little Benny Backlight, and I got to use it in full force for Krystal and Don’s wedding portraits at Big Cedar recently. Check out my favorites below. Talk to you soon, Dale


July 29, 2016

Big Cedar Wedding Portraits Teaser :)

Hey everybody! That Benny Backlight is hittin hard on the blog today! This teaser is my favorite because it serves as both a portrait and a moment. That’s my favorite! Congratulations to Don and Krystal… a lot more coming in the next few days! Talk to you soon, Dale


June 23, 2016

TBT: Mallory+Jake’s Wedding Day, Three Years Ago

Hey everybody! I’m doing it a bit different today. It’s Thursday… Throwback Thursday… and yesterday Mallory reached out to me to say that she went back through her wedding images, all of them, and then said a bunch of nice things.  I asked if I could post what she said and asked her if she […]


February 11, 2016

Benny Backlight Portraits of Kayln and Tyler

Hey everybody! I’m finishing up the dream wedding of Kayln and Tyler today with some portraits using Benny Backlight – my favorite little recipe for capturing a couple in love. 🙂  Check it out!  Thanks to Courtney (my trusty 2nd shooter) for getting this cool little benny backlight action shot! Talk to you soon, Dale


October 26, 2015

St Catherine’s at Bell Gables Wedding Portraits of Veronica and Wes

Hey everybody! We’re continuing the wedding of Veronica and Wes today with their portrait session at St. Catherine’s at Bell Gables in Fayetteville. Her vision of having a wooded whimsical wonderland showed in their portraits – I’m really proud of these y’all! I get so inspired shooting wedding portraits – no two weeks are ever […]


October 3, 2015

Sassafras Styled Session with Kate & Co – the teaser

Hey everybody! So, just a teaser today… but I am LOVING this wedding styled session with Kate & Co – more coming soon! Can’t wait to show you! Talk to you soon, Dale


September 16, 2015

Mallori and Zach’s Fayetteville Engagement Portraits

Hey everybody! When I first pulled up to start Mallory and Zach’s engagement portraits, I looked at my darling couple in the car next to me and I said to myself “OMG… I know him!” Zach sings and plays guitar for Cross Church Fayetteville (where I go), and I had first met him when I […]


September 10, 2015

Dillon King and Amy Duggar’s Wedding Photos: Wedding Portraits

Hey everybody! ***first off… note… please don’t pull these images and repost or use them in any way without contacting me first: dale@benfieldphotography.com  – thanks! 🙂 I’m about to start a few posts covering the wedding of Amy Duggar to Dillon King.  Since I sold exclusive, first pick rights to wedding images to People Magazine, […]


September 2, 2015

Chenal Valley Wedding Portraits for Ashley and Rory

Hey everybody! I’ve been loving all this Benny Backlight lately!  I feel so inspired by light and what I’ve been able to make it do for my images, and when we timed Ashley and Rory’s wedding portraits at Chenal Valley in Little Rock… everything fell into place perfectly! I absolutely adore this couple (I can’t […]


August 26, 2015

Morgan and Jon’s Fayetteville Engagement Session

Hey everybody! I couldn’t tell you how long I’ve known Morgan… years and years for sure. She’s been one of my favorite bridesmaids (to some of my favorite brides, most recently Hope and Brandon).  She’s silly and sweet – LOVES to have a good time, and it shows in her pictures.  Jon was fun too! […]


August 22, 2015

Kayln and Tyler’s Helena Engagement Session (part 2)

Hey everybody! Part two… our fabulous Kayln and her beau Tyler in downtown Helena, out in a sunflower field, and on the farm… my job doesn’t seem like work at all sometimes.  I’m SOOOO looking forward to their February wedding… it’s going to be a dream. I mean, look at these two! Talk to you […]


August 22, 2015

Kayln and Tyler’s Helena Engagement Portraits

Hey everybody! I’d only been to Helena once before, and during that time I had a very specific location I was heading to and didn’t have a chance to look around.  Y’all, Helena is CHARMING!  Kayla and Tyler gave me quite the tour during our engagement session there recently and I found it so sweet. […]