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8 Jaw-Dropping Designer Wedding Dresses (from designers you might not know)



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This inspirational wedding post features 8 Jaw-Dropping Designer Wedding Dresses. I wanted to move away from the normal favorites (we all love Berta wedding gowns, Galia Lahav, and Monique Lhuillier wedding dresses, I know! But I wanted to shed light on some lesser-known luxury wedding dress designers. I also chose 4 designers who have vastly different styles to fit a variety of fashion tastes and preferences.

Costarellos Luxury Bridal Designer Wedding Dresses

To kick off this incredible collection of designer wedding dresses, we head over to Costarellos. My favorite Costarellos Luxury Bridal Designer Wedding Dresses have a flowy, almost boho (but luxury) style to them. He uses sleeves and a lot of ornate detail but in a way that looks effortless in these designs. My favorite dress, however, is not a dress at all. The blouse + pants combination below shows that brides don’t have to conform to society’s expectations for their wedding day.

Costarellos Luxury Bridal dress that is a white blouse and pants the bride is wearing while sitting in an antique car with the door open.

CHANA MARELUS Designer Wedding Dresses

Next, we have CHANA MARELUS Designer Wedding Dresses. Chana Marelus is located in Tel-Aviv (in the center of Isreal). They describe their designer wedding gowns as “clean and simple yet delicately intricate. Each design unique, made with high quality materials and impeccable workmanship. An unparalleled attention to detail is evident in the handmade embroidery and beadwork. Chana specializes in mixing contrasting fabrics, allowing them to flow into a soft feminine result.”

My jaw literally dropped when I saw the dress above. I could just image photographing a bride with a lot of movement for some really captivating wedding images. Then, I saw the wedding dress below and about died. First, I absolutely adore the color. The soft, pale blue is rare in the wedding dress world, but fits so beautifully for the vibe below. I love the bare shoulders and the sleeves, but my favorite part is the frilly neckline. So gorgeous and feels almost delicate.

Steven Khalil Designer Wedding Dresses

This non-white wedding dress below exemplifies the short dress wedding trend I recently discussed on this blog. But of course this takes the non-traditional approach even further by using color. This is definitely one of the sexiest wedding dresses I’ve seen lately. This could also be used as a wedding reception dress for the bride who wants a 2nd dress.
Steven Khalil Designer Wedding Dresses are definitely dramatic. My favorite dress from the most recent collection is the “BEAUTÉ INNOCENTE 2” because of the dramatic one shoulder. It’s about as dramatic of a one-shoulder dress as you can get, as the other shoulder has an enormous puffy sleeve. Incredible.

Halfpenny London Designer Wedding Dresses

Finally, I want to share Halfpenny London Designer Wedding Dresses. As far as sleeves are concerned, consider this your grand finale. I don’t even know if I need to use words to describe how incredible these overly puffy bridal sleeves are. The orchid detail is mirrored in the skirt for a jaw-dropping dress.
The other favorite Halfpenny London Designer Wedding Dresses is a corset dress. This is definitely becoming more common in the bridal fashion world. I happen to love corset tops in fashion, and appreciate their space in the wedding world. A sexy choice for sure, the corset top won’t be your grandma’s favorite, but your groom is gonna love it.

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