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Bridal Jumpsuits and Short Dresses at Wedding Receptions: 2022 Wedding Trends



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Bridal Jumpsuits and Short Dresses at Wedding Receptions are the latest wedding trend that I’m loving right now. I mean, I often swap out shoes for the wedding reception (mostly for comfort, but a little for style), so of course, I’m all for this wedding dress swap trend! Also, if I’m ever in a situation where I have more than one perfect outfit to wear, I stress over which to go with, so this wedding trend is the answer I need in my everyday life.

Bridal Jumpsuits and Short Dresses at Wedding Receptions: The Best of both worlds

Today I’m sharing three recent brides who embraced the wedding trend to change out of their wedding dress and into something fun and flirty for the wedding reception. My first example is Cristina, who donned a chic white pantsuit for the reception. After a gorgeous designer gown for her wedding vows, she changed into a fun outfit to get down and dance on the reception dancefloor. She looked amazing in both and got to show off two styles of wedding attire. (more from this wedding at The Sagamore)

Eugenia also embraced the Bridal Jumpsuits and Short Dresses at Wedding Receptions trend. Her wedding dress, which I’ll go into detail in a future post, was a deep plunging neckline and semitransparent while keeping it formal and classy. Then for the reception, Eugenia changed into the cutest, flirtiest wedding dress I’ve ever seen. It matched her fun personality perfectly. We of course had to shoot portraits in both dresses, so enjoy each outfit below.

Bridal Jumpsuits and Short Dresses at Wedding Receptions is the latest wedding trend... she changes from a designer wedding dress to a chic white short dress for the wedding reception.

Finally, Marie enjoyed the best of both worlds on her wedding day. A long dress (with an amazing back) for the ceremony, followed by a cute short dress for her wedding reception at Hamp Williams. Again, both dresses were great decisions and looked amazing on our bride.

What do you think about this new wedding trend for 2022? Are you loving all the Bridal Jumpsuits and Short Dresses at Wedding Receptions? Leave a message in the comments and let’s discuss!

Talk to you soon,

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