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Wedding Reception at Hamp Williams in Hot Springs



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This Wedding Reception at Hamp Williams had me in color heaven. Marie and Nick, along with their wedding party, wore black and white. I love the classic, timeless look of wearing black + white at a wedding. Not only is that timeless, but it made the pops of color at the wedding reception pop that much more. The setup was such a dream, with the ceilings draped and greenery and orchids filling the Hot Springs wedding venue.

Wedding Reception at Hamp Williams with the bride and groom kissingin the foreground and the guests in the background.

Here are the pops of color I was referring to. I love this collection of images because it shows that color doesn’t have to be everywhere to make an impact. Thoughtful, selective use of color is key here.

This couple had great style, great taste, and of course the greatest personalities. They also had family style dining at their wedding reception. Brilliant!

One of the best moments at this Wedding Reception at Hamp Williams was when the bride and groom shared their first dance. You could feel the love in the air bigtime.

first dance of bride and groom at Hamp Williams wedding reception in Hot Springs

The Wedding Reception at Hamp Williams event space turned into a major party when the band kicked it into gear after dinner. The crows was totally into the music.

We ended the evening Wedding Reception at Hamp Williams building with a last song and the most passionate wedding kiss. I love the nephew’s reaction, lol!!

bride and groom kiss on the dancefloor at the Hamp Williams reception venue in Hot Springs during their wedding reception.

The venue and planner surprised Marie at the end of her Wedding Reception at Hamp Williams by coordinating a sparkler exit. I’m happy they did so because it gave me more opportunity to photograph Marie’s reception dress, her 2nd dress of the wedding day.

sparkler wedding exit from Hamp Williams wedding reception in Hot Springs

If you’re looking for the wedding at Garvan Gardens, that was yesterday’s post so just click the link below. Also, tomorrow I’ll be sharing some wedding portraits at Garvan Gardens so you’ll wanna come back to the blog!

Talk to you soon,

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