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4 Must-Have Hot Springs Wedding Portraits at Garvan Gardens and Hamp Williams



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Nick and Marie’s Hot Springs Wedding Portraits are some of the most perfect photos I’ve ever taken. Inserting a gorgeous couple into a beautiful setting doesn’t always get you the perfect wedding portraits. The couple also has to have chemistry and be loosened up. The latter is typically the responsibility of the wedding photographer. As a luxury wedding photographer, I have a way of getting the very best out of my wedding couples. Below are my 4 Essential Hot Springs Wedding Portraits for any discerning bride.

bride and groom kissing outside Hamp Williams building for their Hot Springs wedding portraits

Hot Springs Wedding Portraits at Garvan Woodland Gardens

Of course, the most iconic wedding portraits you can photograph in Hot Springs is inside the glass chapel at Garvan Gardens. Anthony Chapel is absolutely stunning, and using it as a backdrop for your wedding portraits is a no-brainer. Regardless of if you shoot close up or wide angle images, the glass chapel provides perfect portraits.

Once you finish wedding portraits inside the glass chapel at Garvan Gardens, step outside. The gardens and waterfalls at Garvan Gardens feel like something straight out of a movie or wedding magazine.

Wedding Portraits at Hamp Williams Building

Nick and Marie had plenty of great wedding portraits at Garvan Gardens, but I wasn’t finished with them. This gorgeous couple as had me photograph wedding portraits at the Hamp Williams Building in Hot Springs. Marie sent some inspo pics that looked a little more fashion forward, so we rocked that out with their metal door. It is definitely a different vibe than the pretty outdoor portraits at Garvan Gardens.

But Hamp Williams also has some pretty nature spots out in the courtyard. That’s where we turned for our final portraits of the evening. As the sun was setting over the trees, we popped outside for some final wedding portraits in the courtyard.

Sharing Nick and Marie’s wedding with you has been so fun. Their wedding at Garvan Gardens was so beautiful, and their wedding reception at Hamp Williams was so fun. I loved their idea to to serve food family style at the wedding reception, and now I finally got to show off their Hot Springs Wedding Portraits. All in all, it was pretty perfect. Stay tuned, however, because I might just have one more surprise up my sleeve.

Talk to you soon,

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