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Garvan Gardens Wedding of Marie and Nick



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I have been dying to share this Garvan Gardens Wedding with y’all! So much so that I shared my “how to do a same day wedding teasers” blog post just so I could share some sneak peeks. I want to start with some classic black and white shots of the bride and groom getting ready. After that, Marie had a first look with her bridesmaids, which was so very sweet.

Can we take a second for this Vogue Bride and Bridesmaid moment?

Marie and Nick also got to have a first look at Anthony Chapel at Garvan Gardens. His reaction was really sweet.

The Garvan Gardens Wedding

Anthony Chapel is so stunning. I was showing photos of this glass chapel in Arkansas to the wedding planner in NY a couple weeks ago and her jaw dropped. May we never take this incredible all-glass chapel for granted!

Wedding ceremony at glass chapel at Garvan Gardens.
groom kisses bride at glass anthony chapel in garvan gardens

I promise to have an entire blog post dedicated to this Hot Springs Wedding portrait session, but check this one out! Waterfalls and forehead kisses are a match made in Hot Springs Wedding heaven.

Then it was onto the trolley to head to the reception.

bride and groom getting on the trolley at Garvan Gardens in Hot Springs

Y’all, we are only halfway through this Garvan Gardens Wedding at Anthony Chapel in Hot Springs. This week I’ll also be sharing the stunning wedding portraits at Garvan Gardens and the wedding reception at Hamp Williams Building in Hot Springs. Come on back!

Talk to you soon,

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