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Family Style Dining at Wedding Receptions



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Can Family Style Dining at Wedding Reception be a thing? Idk if Marie and Nick are ahead of their time with this wedding reception dining idea. Maybe I just haven’t seen it yet. However, I love the idea of family-style dining at wedding receptions, and it worked so well for the wedding guests.

Family Style Dining at Wedding Reception showing guests passing plates of pasta and vegetables across the table.

3 Reasons to have Family Style Dining at Wedding Receptions

One of the things I love most about Family Style Dining at receptions is that it eliminates the buffet line. If you’re planning a wedding and want an alternative to the long buffet line at a wedding reception, it’s possible that family-style dining is perfect for you. Not only does it eliminate the buffet line at wedding receptions, but it also doesn’t require as many servers as a full plated dinner. That means money-saving tips for your wedding reception.

Another great thing about having family-style dining at your wedding reception is that there is less food waste. Because guests can pull out the amount they want to eat, there is no longer food left on a plate. Less food waste usually equals less cost, but definitely equals a better environment and agricultural impact.

Family Style Dining at Wedding Reception showing guests passing plates of pasta across the table.

Finally, the best reason to have family-style dining at your reception is that it facilitates interaction. Wedding receptions can be awkward if guests don’t interact, so this breaks down barriers and fosters communication. As you pass plates from guest to guest, it can be reminiscent of family (hence: family-style dining). That can lead to a more meaningful experience for your guests.

Foods that Work Well for Family Style Dining

There is an easy way to think about what food works well for family-style dining. Think about what food you had as a family when you were a kid. Or, if you’re a parent, think of what dishes you serve family-style now. Typically, pizzas and pasta are sure winners. Bread baskets and charcuterie would be a great wedding reception food idea. Thai food and Chinese food would also be really easy to pass across the table at a wedding reception. How fun would that be? There are tons of food ideas that could be family style. Bringing those food ideas to your wedding reception would be so fun.

If you want to see more from this Wedding Reception at Hamp Williams in Hot Springs, click the section below.

Talk to your wedding planner and caterer about this fun concept. It is sure to bring your guests together and feel like family!

Talk to you soon,

P.S. Want to see this wedding at Garvan Gardens? Also, tomorrow I’ll be sharing some gorgeous Hot Springs Wedding Portraits, so please come back!

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