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Wedding at The Sagamore for Cristina and Pat



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Yesterday I showed the swoon-worthy Sagamore wedding details, and today I am sharing the actual Wedding at The Sagamore. It was a lovely day, which was unexpected. What I mean by that is the weather forecast called for 90% chance of thunderstorms at The Sagamore. Not just rain or showers… thunderstorms. I was sweating a bit. I really wanted to give Cristina and Pat some great wedding images in addition to a wonderful experience. Ultimately, I wanted them to walk away from the wedding day thinking the day was perfect. Well, lo and behold, there wasn’t a lighting strike all day! The 90% chance of thunderstorms resulted in about 5 minutes of sprinkling during the inside ceremony. The rest was, indeed, perfect.

Cristina was so happy to get the room at The Sagamore with the outdoor area. We used that space to get her dressed in her wedding gown. Her bridesmaids helped her with the details of getting ready.

I love an emotional dad (hello, #girldad), so Cristina’s father warmed my heart with his great reaction during their first look. What a precious moment.

At this point in the day, I wasn’t sure if the rain was going to stay away, so I took advantage of an extra minute we had with the bridesmaids to take some candid photos and portraits.

When you have a Wedding at The Sagamore, there is a catholic church 2 minutes away that has lots of natural light. This moment of Patrick looking at his bride walking up the aisle is really special. I mean, look at that smile.

bride and groom kiss at the back of the aisle in the church by the Sagamore wedding on Lake George

I have to give a HUGE shoutout to Casey with Katie O’ Events. She was incredible on the wedding day. Not only did she execute a perfect day, but she helped so much with the wedding portraits (wedding planners, can we PLEASE make this standard procedure?)!

On our way back to The Sagamore Hotel for the cocktail hour and reception, I shot a few images of the bride and groom. This is absolutely classic! Also, if you like this portrait, just wait until I share all the wedding portraits at The Sagamore on Monday morning!

And this wedding party was as vogue as they come. I love the backdrop with Lake George peeking out over their shoulders.

Cristina admitted that she didn’t think she would get so emotional when getting a sneak peek of the reception setup while the guests were out at cocktail hour at The Sagamore. It just goes to show you that when you hire Katie O’ events to take care of your details, special moments like this exist.

I also bounced around outside during the cocktail hour at The Sagamore wedding to capture fun candids and group shots. I love that you can see The Sagamore in the background to set the mood of these photos.

This wedding at The Sagamore had a lot of fun dancing, and it all started because the bride and groom set the tone for the wedding reception by getting down on the dancefloor.

I absolutely LOVE this classic shot of the bride and groom kissing during their wedding reception with The Sagamore and all their guests in the background. The string lights are bringing the ambiance here, don’t you think?

Speaking of bringing things… DJ Tru brought the party! He was such a joy to work with!

We have already talked about this incredible wedding trend to change into a bridal jumpsuit or short dress for the reception. Here are some more images from that great moment when Cristina switched into a white jumpsuit for the reception.

I still have a lot to show from this wedding, so come back tomorrow!

Talk to you soon,

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