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The Sagamore Wedding Portraits for Cristina and Pat



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In this post you’ll see the Sagamore Wedding Portraits we photographed on Lake George for Cristina and Pat.

I have such respect for artists who use acrylic paint, watercolors, or even pencil. Sometimes it feels like I am cheating when I live my life as an artists. I get to engage with the most beautiful couples, in the most beautiful locations all over the world. Yes, I choose what light to place them in, how to compose the image, and create the moment. But I think it’s almost unfair because mixing pretty things together to make something pretty comes so effortlessly. I’m not complaining though. Don’t misunderstand… I’m thankful to work with such couples in such places like The Sagamore. Don’t pinch me, just in case this is, in fact, a dream.

A Double Dose of Sagamore Wedding Portraits

After all our portraits earlier in the day, we had the wonderful opportunity to shoot more Sagamore wedding portraits during the wedding reception. I pulled the couple from the reception festivities when the light got really soft and pretty for more wedding portraits around the Sagamore property. We went down to the docks for some really soft and romantic portraits like the one below.

Sagamore Wedding Portraits of the bride and groom touching foreheads with Lake George in the background of the image.

While both settings were great, I wanted to show you a side-by-side comparison. One of soft light wedding portraits and the other shows contrasty light wedding portraits. While both are great, they give two different vibes.

I absolutely love this softly-lit wedding portrait of the groom twirling his bride on the wooden dock down by Lake George. Just look at the way Cristina is smiling at her groom. She was like that all day (which you can see in her Wedding at The Sagamore blog post).

Groom twirls his bride on the wooden dock at The Sagamore for their wedding portraits. This classic black and white image shows the bride and groom in love on their wedding day.

Something I love about The Sagamore wedding portraits is that there are so many locations on the grounds we got to use. I love that these two shots are clearly very different in location vibes but also fit together cohesively.

The bride and groom sit on the wooden dock at The Sagamore and snuggle.

You’ve likely already seen the beautiful bridal portraits at the Sagamore and the Sagamore wedding details I posted recently. If not, click those links in the previous sentence. In any case, it was a beautiful wedding photograph. I am honored that JP asked me to shoot the wedding on his behalf. It was truly an honor to step in for my photo bff (and best man at my wedding). It means the world that he trusts the quality of images and service I deliver.

Talk to you soon,

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