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Monique Lhuillier Bridal Portraits



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I have been waiting to share these Monique Lhuillier Bridal Portraits with you for MONTHS! AHHH… it’s a good thing I am good at keeping secrets. Because it wasn’t easy keeping these incredible photos from you as we waited for Caroline’s wedding day. I couldn’t help but give you a hint about this supermodel bride.

Bridal Portraits at the Rosewood Mansion on Turtle Creek

We decided to photograph these striking luxury bridal portraits at Rosewood Mansion on Turtle Creek in Dallas. Caroline was a guest at the upscale Dallas hotel and was familiar with it, but it was my first time there and I was completely inspired. The light was gorgeous in certain parts of the property, and for the other parts, I was able to bring in some light of my own, thanks to my “studio anywhere” setup.

If you’re looking for this dreamy soft designer dress, I’ve found it here for you.

We all know that Monique Lhuillier makes strikingly beautiful dresses, but man oh man… Caroline wears it like nobody else! What I think I love most about this dress is how it matches Caroline’s personality. That’s a little hard to explain, but if you know Caroline then you understand. If a dress could be fun but sweet, this one is… like the supermodel bride herself.

The Only Hard Part About This Bridal Shoot

The only tricky part of this shoot is that I wanted to make sure the entire shoot looks perfectly cohesive with regards to color. By shooting a mixture of natural light, available light, and artificial light, it can often be a challenge for the vibe of the photos to look cohesive. However, with a little extra editing on the color grading we have soft pretty light and beautiful skin tones in all lighting scenarios. It might even be impossible to tell which type of lighting was used. Which is the goal, after all.

I’ll be sharing more of this incredible bride, and of course more of these elegant Monique Lhuillier Bridal Portraits on the blog this week so c’mon back!

Talk to you soon,

P.S. While we’re on the subject of wedding style, if you’re looking for a tuxedo or suit… check out the Ultimate Guide to Where to Buy a Groom’s Tuxedo or Suit for the Wedding Day

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