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Ultimate Guide to Where to Buy a Groom’s Tuxedo or Suit



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“Should I Buy a Tuxedo for My Wedding?”

I get the following question from so many brides and grooms when wedding planning: “Should I Buy a Tuxedo for My Wedding?” The short answer is, “yes” but allow me to explain the many pros of buying a suit or tuxedo for your wedding.

First, A custom suit or tuxedo fits better than a rented tux. How many times have we gone to a wedding only to see the groom wearing pants that bunch and break at the ankle? The answer: too many times to count. As a professional wedding photographer in Northwest Arkansas, I see it all too often. You invest in luxury wedding photography, beautiful wedding dishes, the best nwa wedding vendors, and of course a designer gown. The groom’s tuxedo should not be an afterthought. It should be tailored (as is the wedding dress). The only way to get that perfect cut and fit is by purchasing a tuxedo (or suit) and having it tailored to the groom.

Second, unless you are renting a wedding dress to save money, you likely don’t want to rent your suit or tuxedo because other men have worn it. That means they have sat in it (and not all grooms wear undergarments), danced in it, sweat in it, used the bathroom wearing it, etc. Now of course, we know the rental companies clean the suits and tuxedos between rentals. But still, the idea of it is a little icky. I don’t want to think of another person wearing my attire on a wedding day.

Finally, you get to keep it! Having a perfectly tailored tuxedo or suit is a staple for any gentleman’s closet. Not only do you recall fond memories every time you wear it after your wedding, you’ll also save money in the long run if you wear it a few times a year. As a luxury wedding photographer who often photographs black-tie formal weddings, I’ve worn my tux over 100 times. If you buy a custom-fit tuxedo for 1000 dollars, that averages out to $10 per use.

where to buy a groom's tux, as shown here when the bride is kissing the grooms hand
Austin wore a custom-fit tuxedo to his black-tie formal wedding at the I Street Ballroom in Bentonville, Arkansas.

Where to Buy a Groom’s Tuxedo

J Crew has classic-fit in a variety of sizes and colors. I’ve purchased the Ludlow tuxedo previously have have worn it to many weddings. It fits well off the rack (if you don’t have time for custom tailoring). It’s slightly cheaper than a fully custom tux from a boutique tuxedo store.

Bonobos has a really slick tuxedo (I’m a fan of the buttons on the jacket) if you’re looking for a tuxedo you can order in your exact size. I would still recommend getting fitted by a tailor prior to purchasing so it fits upon delivery. You can also go into a Bonobos retail store for this service. Another bonus is that Bonobos has a 90 return policy (which you won’t get for a custom-tailored suit or tuxedo).

Another place to buy a tuxedo or custom-fit suit is from Suit Supply. If you want full control over the colors, textures, cut, and cloth, then Suit Supply is your tuxedo provider of choice. Make sure to plan in advance, as they take about 5 weeks to craft your perfect tuxedo or suit. They are also on the higher end of where to buy a groom’s tuxedo, but are certainly worth the price.

Finally, Neiman Marcus is a top-of-the-line store for where to buy a groom’s tuxedo. Neiman Marcus carries the most exclusive, high-quality brands. They also have a well-stocked inventory with more selections than other formal wear clothing department stores. Looking for a silk tux? They have one. It’ll cost you, however, as NM is one of the more luxury tuxedo stores.

where to buy a grooms tuxedo or suit

Whether to rent or buy a tuxedo for your wedding is an important question. If you will use it multiple times and don’t like the thought of something fitting poorly or wearing something others have worn, buying is important. You’ll save money while also having a better product that, if kept well, will give you a return on your investment several times over. While there are many places to buy tuxedos for your wedding, the ones listed here have a great reputation in both quality and business practices, so you can have peace of mind knowing you are wearing the best for your big day.

Talk to you soon,

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