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Allenbrook Farms Luxury Venue in Franklin TN: Wedding Sneak Peek



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Luxury wedding venue in Franklin TN that is a beautiful upscale barn to host weddings and receptions.

Allenbrook Luxury Wedding Venue in Franklin TN: Details Sneak Peek

There is a Luxury Venue in Franklin TN, about 30 minutes outside of Nashville, called Allenbrook Farms. Jenny and Zac chose this beautiful location to start their marriage together, and I can see why. It is a unique wedding venue with a lot of beautiful amenities. Not only that, but it has the most breathtaking yellow flower field, which we used a couple of times on the wedding day.

Luxury wedding venue in Franklin TN that has a yellow flower field on the property

That’s a pretty great spot to have a first look, wouldn’t you say? I know I am a big tease, but you’ll have to come back to the blog over the next few days to see the beautiful story of the day play out. #howrude

Tomorrow I get to share the lovely wedding details from J+Z’s Allenbrook Farms wedding. To hold you over, or to get you really excited, take a look at this wedding flat lay from their wedding invitation, program, shoes, and florals. I love a beautiful, cohesive vision for the wedding design. Laying these details out is one of my luxury wedding photographer superpowers!

Flat lay of wedding details including wedding invitation, brides shoes, grooms shoes, and florals.

Allenbrook Luxury Wedding Venue in Franklin TN: Portraits Sneak Peek

Okay, maybe I’m giving away too much too soon, but look at this insanely gorgeous wedding portrait I captured of the bride and groom in front of the luxury wedding venue in Franklin TN. I told Jenny and Zac when I had the vision for this shot that it was going to be the new header for their website. We’ll see if they agree! On a side note, one thing about hiring a luxury wedding photographer, as opposed to your uncle Tom who has a nice camera (LOL) is that we approach wedding scenes thoughtfully and intentionally. I arrived early to J+Z’s wedding to scout some compositions I wanted to create for the couple’s portraits. Then, I waited for the lighting I needed and composed and edited the shot to get what you see below. I’m pretty obsessed with how this one came out. A lot more Allenbrook Wedding Portraits will be hitting the blog this week, so keep coming back!

Luxury wedding portrait of bride and groom outside Allenbrook Luxury wedding venue in Franklin TN. The groom is twirling his bride.

Okay, okay… one more. I have so many beautiful wedding portraits from this wedding that I can show another sneak peek from our golden hour sunset photo session at Allenbrook Farms. Hello Benny Backlight!

Sunset golden hour wedding portraits at Allenbrook Luxury Venue in Franklin TN.

Allenbrook Farms Wedding: Storytelling Sneak Peeks

It’s not all pretty details and gorgeous portraits. There was also a ton of sweet moments at Jenny and Zac’s wedding. Again, I’ll share those in another post this week but here’s a little about what you can expect to see.

Dad escorting bride down the aisle at Allenbrook Luxury wedding venue in Franklin TN.
Wedding ceremony at Allenbrook Farms luxury wedding venue in Franklin TN during golden hour.

I’m excited to walk you through the rest of the wedding ceremony and reception at the luxury wedding venue in Franklin TN throughout the rest of this week. However, I can’t actually wait to share this grand exit photograph. Not only did we have sparklers, we had bubbles. Oh… and FIREWORKS! WOW!

Fireworks during the wedding exit of the bride and groom at Allenbrook luxury wedding venue in Franklin TN

I hope that whets your appetite for what’s to come for the rest of the week here on the Benfield Wedding Blog.

Talk to you soon,

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