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Allenbrook Farms Wedding Details of Jenny + Zac



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Today we are setting the stage with Allenbrook Farms Wedding Details from J+Z’s wedding. I had never been to Allenbrook Farms before, but their website got me excited and inspired.

ceremony setup at allenbrook luxury wedding venue in franklin tn with white chairs setup on the lawn and a wooden arbor
Flat lay of wedding details including wedding invitation, brides shoes, grooms shoes, and florals.

One Detail to Rule Them All (and no, it’s not the rings, lol)

One of my very favorite details, not just from this wedding but from any wedding. Jenny started a journal when she and Zac started dating about the relationship. Ummm, I know, right?! I thought it would be a perfect detail with which to photograph the wedding rings. I didn’t read it, obviously, but when I opened to a random page this was the entry: You’re my steady ship and my safe place. (okay… I’m actually getting a little choked up at this) I think this is so special.

One of the important parts of being a luxury wedding photographer is that I have to listen and be present in conversations so that I am aware of special details and relationships during the wedding day. These key elements are what make weddings unique and special, so they should be included when telling the full story of the wedding day.

I wanted to find a cool place to hang the dress that brought in elements from the wedding vibes. Upscale and rustic was what I was searching for and I found it – it just so happened that the color of the walls went well with the color palette of the bridesmaids’ dresses.

Allenbrook Farms Wedding Details are different from other barn-like reception venues. The amenities and overall style of this organic farm and luxury wedding venue in Franklin TN were lovely! I also am a big fan of gray (actually, gray is my favorite color!) so it goes without saying that this striking wedding venue was a joy to photograph.

Luxury wedding venue in Franklin TN that is a beautiful upscale barn to host weddings and receptions.

To illustrate my last point, look at these luxury wedding details at Allenbrook Farms: this chandelier is beautiful, and I always swoon over long tables. They look great and are fun to photograph.

Interior photo of Allenbrook luxury farms wedding receptiion with two long tables setup up for formal dinner

Here’s a shot from below as well. If you love symmetry, this wedding venue is perfect for you.

Interior photo of Allenbrook luxury farms wedding receptiion with two long tables setup up for formal dinner

Again, the long wedding tables are so fun to shoot. They use two of my favorite composition tools: leading lines and the rule of thirds (which I wrote about in my photography how-to book).

Interior photo of Allenbrook luxury farms wedding receptiion with two long tables setup up for formal dinner

Is It Cake? Yes, lots and lots of cake.

And now, let’s take a moment for this cake. Gorgeous gold leaf accents pop on the minimal color palette that matches the wedding colors. Divine.

modern green and white wedding cake with floral piece

But when it comes to cake, these two were the conversation pieces of the wedding reception. I’ve been to many OU football games with the Sowers family and they take college football seriously. It’s apparent that Zac’s side does as well. And y’all, it’s not an optical illusion or forced perspective: the OU cake is juuuuuusssst slightly bigger than the Ole Miss cake. Boomer!

oklahoma sooner wedding cake and an Ol' Miss wedding cake grooms' cake on display at the wedding reception at Allenbrook Farms

The head table, from above.

Head table decor idea from Allenbook Farms wedding reception

Jenny and Zac’s Allenbrook Farms Wedding Details were both beautiful and thoughtful. Everything had a purpose and a sentiment. I love that.

Sneak Peek of Tomorrow’s Post

Now that we’ve set the stage, come back tomorrow for the storytelling moments from J+Z’s Allenbrook Farms wedding! And their Wedding Portraits at Allenbrook Farms on Saturday. Can you feel the excitement?

groom and bride celebrate after first kiss as husband and wife at Allenbrook Farms Luxury wedding venue

Talk to you soon,

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