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How to Choose Your Wedding Colors: 3 Examples of Perfect Wedding Palette Executions



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How to Choose Your Wedding Colors is one of the first questions you’ll encounter during your wedding planning process. Thankfully you have me to help you approach choosing your wedding colors. I am going to share three examples of well-executed wedding colors from real weddings in Northwest Arkansas and across the south.

First, make use of one of the best color resources out there: Adobe Color. This interactive tool lets you choose one or more colors and it helps you find complementary colors. It uses color theory with different variations, from triad to monochromatic to double split complementary. Also, if you’re designing your own invitations or save the dates, make sure you use the color contrast checker to make sure your text is easy to read. It’s my favorite tool when I start any design project. And after all, isn’t the wedding a design project?

Second, use Pinterest to help plan your wedding colors. Pinterest is an incredible resource for wedding planning. It’s filled with wedding inspiration and by searching specific terms you can tailor your results to help choose your wedding colors. Not only is it good for finding new wedding color combinations, but also for saving what you find. For example, the weddings below have images that if you hover over them, you can save to your Pinterest (you might have to have the Pinterest button for chrome installed)

How to Choose Your Wedding Colors: Perfect Example #1

Chelsea’s luxury private estate wedding was stunning. The black-tie wedding in Northwest Arkansas was really exclusive and was the buzz around town. I was honored to be her luxury wedding photographer. I understand color story and how it applies to weddings, which you can see in the following collage.

The use of orange in a wedding is bold. It definitely makes a statement and gives the wedding some personality and identity. Some of the touches might be subtle, but for the well-trained eye, it’s a pure delight to see such great execution. Notice that the bride chose the champagne and hors d’oeuvres to match one another. I took that color and ran with it when I photographed their golden hour wedding portraits. Now it all tells a seamless story.

How to Choose Your Wedding Colors: Perfect Example #2

In this blush pink and gold wedding theme, the bride used consistent colors throughout the entire wedding day. For example, her wedding dress was blush pink instead of the traditional white dress. Then, the wedding guests sat in gold Chiavari chairs with pink draping. Finally, the reception had pink centerpieces and silk napkins with gold-rimmed plating, glasses, and stemware. Carrying a consistent color theme throughout the entire wedding shows that you took the time to think about each and every detail of the wedding. Your guests will appreciate the time and attention you put into the wedding planning.

How to Choose Your Wedding Colors: Perfect Example #3

Finally, Caroline chose a blue and blush pink wedding palette for her southern wedding. Her wedding was a mix of modern and traditional elements, executed in part thanks to her attention to color detail. As you’ll see in her photo collage below, her dress was a gorgeous blush pink Monique Lhuillier gown. That color was echoed through the wedding details and reception florals. The blue bridesmaid dresses set the tone for the rest of the wedding details from the invitations to the table numbers to the fine linens. Just look at how cohesive her wedding color story ended up being. Absolute perfection.

If you aren’t a fan of this type of wedding planning work, I suggest you get a wedding designer or wedding planner to help you through the process. If you need a list of the best NWA wedding planners, email me and I’ll send you my list of favorites.

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