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3 Reasons You Should Do a Boudoir Photoshoot for Your Wedding



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There are 3 Reasons You Should Do a Boudoir Photoshoot for Your Wedding and today we are going to share them all. Should you do a boudoir photo shoot for your wedding? Read on to see why my answer is yes!

3 Reasons You Should Do a Boudoir Photoshoot for Your Wedding: A gift for your spouse.

A luxury Boudoir photoshoot for your wedding makes an incredible gift to your spouse! Can you imagine the look on their face when they open up their beautiful package on the wedding day, only to find a photo album of you inside? Giving boudoir photos as a wedding present is a really beautiful way of setting the tone for a fun day, fun night, and fun life in your marriage. I’ve seen jaws drop to the floor when a groom opens up and flips through the boudoir book we create from your secret session.

Boudoir Photoshoot for Your Wedding of dark haired bride in black panties and black bra posing and bending on bed in a hotel room.

3 Reasons You Should Do a Boudoir Photoshoot for Your Wedding: A gift for YOU.

The 2nd reason you should have a boudoir photo shoot for your wedding is all about you! You are a badass and should have this moment in your life recorded. You are powerful, beautiful, confident, and sexy (and even if you don’t feel that way before the shoot, you will after!). One of my very favorite things to do in life is making my subjects feel empowered and confident. A boudoir shoot with Benfield Photography does this! While you can pass this off as a gift to your spouse, this is actually a gift for you! I want you to look back at these images and remember how you feel about yourself.

Finally, a boudoir photo shoot for your wedding is fun! Maybe you’ve always loved the camera and are super excited to gift your spouse a sexy book. However, the odds are that you are NOT. That’s where this luxury Northwest Arkansas wedding photographer comes in! Hiring Benfield Photography to photograph your boudoir gets you me! I’m so approachable and encouraging. You’re going to feel like it’s your best friend taking your boudoir photos! If you know me IRL, you know I’m not an intimidating person. I have so much respect for women, and I bring a kind heart to each and every photo shoot. If you are afraid of “not knowing how to pose” I got you! I have coached models on how to pose to get the best for their body type. I bring this knowledge to our session so you can relax and enjoy the moment!

Also, if you’re wondering why our sexy boudoir model, Alex, looks familiar, it’s because she recently signed with a modeling agency and I’ve been coaching and photographing her early in this process!

Talk to you soon,

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