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Fine Art Family Portraits for the Brown Family



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blonde kid photographed in black and white in front of a black background

Fine Art Family Portraits

I always know I have a great photograph when I feel internally that I wish I had that image of my own family, which is exactly what I felt with I photographed these of Chelsea and Tyler’s family recently. If you’ve followed the blog for some time, this family is no stranger to you. I have the pleasure of taking their portraits twice each year. Because of that, I’ve literally watched them grow in front of my lens.

Chelsea is great at coordinating outfits and prepping the kids for the family photo sessions, so they also look amazing for their family pictures. This time, however, I gave her advance notice that I wanted to shoot Fine Art Family Portraits to start our next scheduled session. Just a simple black top is all I needed them to wear, and I brought my lights and portable backdrop for the shoot.

I spent time with each family member, capturing a “serious” shot, and then we got to play around a little to show off their individual personalities. Honestly, the Fine Art Family Portraits came out great! I know these timeless portraits will be something the Brown family cherishes forever.

Speaking of that, do you know what really gets me? I love to think that the two kiddos will one day show their kiddos these portraits from their Fine Art Family Portraits to their own kids (and maybe even grandkids)! How special is that? And how special is it that these portraits are timeless and will always be in style?

Background on these sessions

I have done more than 100 of these sessions, mostly for my corporate client, Arrow Senior Living. Here is an instagram reel of my Fine Art Portraits of residents in senior living. We started that project a few years ago, and have had so much success with it (and all the happy feels for their loved ones). I love hearing stories of the Fine Art Family Portraits making their way to the rest of the family. Because of that, I wanted to offer a limited series of doing this for other families who want to capture timeless images of their family. If you’re interested in a one of these portrait sessions for your family, email me:

Talk to you soon,


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