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5 Reasons Why You Need New Headshots



The blog contains little bits of my life, my passions, and my work. I update it daily so there is always something new to come see.





Today we are answering the question about when to update your headshots with this post, 5 Reasons Why You Need New Headshots.

Gorgeous blonde female headshots

5 Reasons Why You Need New Headshots

There are so many reasons people need fresh headshots, and I can brainstorm a ton of reasons you need to email me to schedule yours (by the way, my email is
1) new LinkedIn or Zoom profile because everyone needs to look like a million bucks on your way to making a million bucks.
2) dating app profile images. Everybody (who is single, that is) is dating online. Leave these to the pros – I know all the good angles to boost your bumble pics!
3) stand out on your company’s website. For the love of God, you can’t leave it to the office intern for your headshot.
4) make a dreamy email signature with your fresh headshot (I can show you how!); this is a great way to extend your branding across more channels!
5) And the most important reason of all: because you deserve amazing photos taken of yourself every now and then! I make it fun and easy for you to get the best images possible!

If you want to see the black and white headshots from this session, here you go!

Talk to you soon,

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