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Best Engagement Photos of 2021: Benny Award Nominees



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The Best Engagement Portraits of 2021 Nominees are ready for your vote!

About the Best Engagement Portraits of 2021 Nominees

There’s nothing I don’t love about engagement photos. It’s like a wedding portrait session, but without the stress of finishing in time to cut the cake! This year’s best engagement portrait sessions brought me all over the country. From Mount Rainier to Missouri, from Aspen to a pizza parlor. What I love about these particular nominees is that you can get a sense of the couple in each image. You can tell the nature lovers, and you can tell the foodies.

I think engagement photos shouldn’t just be the couple in a pretty spot (though, these are all that). I think engagement photos should be PERSONAL to the couple. A lot of times, I work with the couple on finding the perfect spot for the shoot. Perhaps that means matching it with their style and color of clothing. Maybe that means matching it to something they love to do together. Or maybe we do something sentimental like recreating one of their favorite dates. Whatever that thing is, it makes for the best engagement photos.

How to Vote

The important thing to know about voting is that the winners get REAL PRIZES! Like, REAL. Because of that we have to have some rules so that we all play fair.

  1. You can vote for ONE image in each category (explore the blog for the other categories).
  2. Also, you can vote one time EACH DAY – set yourself a reminder to vote for your favorites every 24 hours.
  3. And, you can vote on different devices. Have an ipad, laptop, work computer, and iphone? Great! They all work.
  4. Finally, you can ask your friends, family, neighbors, instagram followers, facebook groups, etc. to vote!
This Best Engagement Photo of 2021 nominee shows the groom feeding bride pizza in a pizza parlor
Marie and Nick
Amanda and Michael

This Best Engagement Photos of 2021 is of a bride and groom shot with a creative angle.
Heather and Chris

Best Engagement Photos of 2021 nominee is of a bride and groom framed by purple tree blossoms
Jessica and Chris

The Best Engagement Photos of 2021 showcasing a couple at hawksbill crag overlook.
Ashley and Chad

Hannah and Matt

Lauren and Andy

Emily and Jonathan

Lindsey and Andrew

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