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June 23, 2022

Praying for Scottie Teague

Scottie Teague and her family in the nursery.

Tonight I’m praying for Scottie Teague. If you could take a peek into my life right now, you would see that I am scrambling to get out the door by 7:30pm to drive to Columbia MO for a shoot tomorrow. We had one of those days in the Benfield household where the kids were absolutely…

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June 22, 2022

5 Tips to Plan the Perfect Destination Wedding

bride and groom walking up the aisle at their italian destination wedding in florence italy at a private vineyard.

Now that the world is traveling again, let’s talk about how to plan the perfect destination wedding. I’ve shot dozens of destination weddings over the years. Whether it was a wedding in Aspen, CO, or a wedding in Florence, Italy, I’ve done it all. This post is going to share my top 5 tips for…

Luxury Wedding

June 21, 2022

More Hall of Springs Wedding Photos for Eugenia and Paul

bride and groom kissing in the forest tall trees outside the Hall of Springs in Saratoga NY

I think we can all agree that this Hall of Springs Wedding is worthy of another blog post. First, the sexy couple chose a sexy venue. Then, they chose a dream team of wedding vendors, including Katie O’ Events in Albany, and of course JP Elario behind the camera. Because I was shooting a wedding…

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June 20, 2022

The Time I 2nd Shot a Wedding at Hall of Springs in Saratoga NY

bride and groom kissing under a weeping willow at Congress Park in Saratoga Springs NY on their wedding day.

Let me tell you about the time I was the 2nd shooter for a Wedding at Hall of Springs in Saratoga NY. Photographers who want to shoot more/better weddings, use this as the Ultimate How-To Guide to 2nd Shooting a Wedding. How can I say that? What qualifies me as the ultimate wedding photography expert?…

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June 19, 2022

3 Reasons You Should Subscribe to The Benfield Photography Blog

Vogue Bridal Photographer shoots stunning brunette bride in blush pink wedding dress from Monique Lhuillier

If you’re new here, there are 3 main reasons you should subscribe to The Benfield Photography Blog. I update this blog every single day. Yes, even on Sundays. Yes, even on Christmas Day. It’s a labor of love, but yes I truly love this blog. Reason #1 to Subscribe to the Benfield Photography Blog The…

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June 18, 2022

Two Game-changing Adobe Lightroom Mobile Updates

Y’all there are two game-changing Adobe Lightroom Mobile Updates you have to hear about! First, if you aren’t using Adobe Lightroom mobile, why aren’t you?! It’s free, it’s easy, and you don’t have to be a professional photographer to use it. Also, if you read all my blog posts, you’ll remember that this is how…

For Fun, Personal

June 17, 2022

Theme Idea for 18th Birthday Party

I’m no party planner, but I do love this theme idea for 18th birthday party that Ellie has come up with. Yes, Ellie is turning 18 in just over a month – how is that possible? Do y’all remember when she was the 4-year-old voice you heard when you came to this blog? It’s so…

Engagements, Fine Art, Travel

June 16, 2022

Engagement Portraits in Malibu for Derek and Hannah

Engagement Portraits in Malibu at sunset with couple kissing

Tomorrow is Hannah and Derek’s wedding day so I wanted to post a few of their Engagement Portraits in Malibu we photographed. We actually photographed these before Covid was even a thing. Can you believe that? We were supposed to photograph Hannah and Derek’s wedding in Santa Barbara in March 2020 but we all know…

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June 15, 2022

Marie + Nick’s SURPRISE Wedding Video; Arkansas Wedding Videographer

Did you know I’m also an Arkansas wedding videographer? While I am primarily a wedding photographer, I am also a wedding photographer who also shoots video. I mentioned before that I only shoot wedding videos as an add-on to my photography packages. Recently, I shot both photo and video at Marie and Nick’s wedding at…

Wedding Planning

June 14, 2022

Hire a Wedding Photographer Who Understands Lighting

by hiring a photographer who understands lighting you can capture a shot like this of the bride and groom under a neon sign while sitting on a couch during their reception.

Bride and grooms, it’s so important to hire a photographer who understands lighting. As a luxury wedding photographer, I pride myself on being able to get the shot… every time. No matter the lighting and circumstances, I create award-winning images that the brides and grooms treasure. This shot, which looks easy in my final image…

Luxury Wedding, Wedding Planning

June 13, 2022

Bridal Jumpsuits and Short Dresses at Wedding Receptions: 2022 Wedding Trends

Bridal Jumpsuits and Short Dresses at Wedding Receptions is the latest wedding trend... she changes from a designer wedding dress to a chic white short dress for the wedding reception.

Bridal Jumpsuits and Short Dresses at Wedding Receptions are the latest wedding trend that I’m loving right now. I mean, I often swap out shoes for the wedding reception (mostly for comfort, but a little for style), so of course, I’m all for this wedding dress swap trend! Also, if I’m ever in a situation…


June 12, 2022

More High-End Boudoir Portraits for Alex

Upscale boudoir portraits of a sexy black haired young woman in black lingerie laying on a bed seductively.

Today I’m sharing more High-End Boudoir Portraits from Alex’s recent lingerie portraits. Alex and I have been teaming up a lot lately for her portrait needs. You recently got signed to a modeling agency. Because of that, we have been doing photo shoots for a modeling portfolio. Our latest session was some incredible upscale boudoir…


June 11, 2022

Upscale Boudoir Portraits for Alex

upscale boudoir portrait of a young black haired female in a blue lace panty and bra on a floral couch.

I pride myself on taking Upscale Boudoir Portraits, called secret sessions. If you have Benfield Photography take your boudoir session, you can have peace of mind knowing you will have classy, upscale boudoir portraits from your hour-long session. If you’re looking for a Northwest Arkansas photographer, you might just have found one! When Alex and…


June 10, 2022

4 Must-Have Hot Springs Wedding Portraits at Garvan Gardens and Hamp Williams

bride and groom kissing outside Hamp Williams building for their Hot Springs wedding portraits

Nick and Marie’s Hot Springs Wedding Portraits are some of the most perfect photos I’ve ever taken. Inserting a gorgeous couple into a beautiful setting doesn’t always get you the perfect wedding portraits. The couple also has to have chemistry and be loosened up. The latter is typically the responsibility of the wedding photographer. As…

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June 9, 2022

Family Style Dining at Wedding Receptions

Family Style Dining at Wedding Reception showing guests passing plates of pasta and vegetables across the table.

Can Family Style Dining at Wedding Reception be a thing? Idk if Marie and Nick are ahead of their time with this wedding reception dining idea. Maybe I just haven’t seen it yet. However, I love the idea of family-style dining at wedding receptions, and it worked so well for the wedding guests. 3 Reasons…


June 8, 2022

Wedding Reception at Hamp Williams in Hot Springs

Wedding Reception at Hamp Williams with the bride and groom kissingin the foreground and the guests in the background.

This Wedding Reception at Hamp Williams had me in color heaven. Marie and Nick, along with their wedding party, wore black and white. I love the classic, timeless look of wearing black + white at a wedding. Not only is that timeless, but it made the pops of color at the wedding reception pop that…


June 7, 2022

Garvan Gardens Wedding of Marie and Nick

Wedding ceremony at glass chapel at Garvan Gardens.

I have been dying to share this Garvan Gardens Wedding with y’all! So much so that I shared my “how to do a same day wedding teasers” blog post just so I could share some sneak peeks. I want to start with some classic black and white shots of the bride and groom getting ready.…

Family and Children, Personal

June 6, 2022

Mom and Daughter Photo Shoot of Ty + Scout

mom and daughter photo shoot in a white studio with a kids burberry outfit and a mom in black and white clothes.

Ty and Scout have a really special bond, so I thought it would be fun to do a mom and daughter photo shoot with them. Scout spends most of each day with Tyler. Whether it be lounging around the house, playing out in the backyard, or a trip to The Little Gym or Target, these…

Wedding Planning

June 5, 2022

Should You Tip Your Wedding Photographer?

Should You Tip Your Wedding Photographer, shooting a bride and groom on the dock with water and mountains behind

Should You Tip Your Wedding Photographer? I get this question from both clients and from other photographers. Money conversations are always awkward, and most people avoid them like the plague. However, I do see that a lot of people google “Should You Tip Your Wedding Photographer?” so I thought I would put in my two…

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June 4, 2022

Wedding Same Day Teasers: How I Process Images Quickly

Wedding Same Day Teasers of a menu, aperol spritz, and a food menu from a wedding reception

I have some Wedding Same Day Teasers from Nick and Marie’s wedding… TODAY! I’ve also airdropped these images to the bride so she has them to post on her social media. I like having the first photos from a wedding be my photos (or the professional’s photos) instead of a guest’s. The bride deserves to…