September 24, 2022

Success does not equal happiness: Weekly Roundup #9

This was a pretty hard week. I averaged about 10 hours of work per day, in each of the 7 days. What made it worse was that I was away from the family, hence the 59 facetime calls this week. As much as I dread being away from them, I am so thankful to be […]

Family and Children

September 23, 2022

Mom + Daughter Video Vignette for Ty and Scout

mom + daughter video vignette of little girl playing in a field of yellow flowers with her mother looking on

I’m now expert on things I never thought I would be expert at. 1) packing for trips that last longer than a week. 2) knowing how melancholy I’ll feel after 5 days of being away from my girls. I’m thankful for being able to support my family by being a photographer; and I’m thankful that […]

Family and Children

September 22, 2022

Family Photo Shoot on Film: One Shoot, 3 Ways

This family photo shoot on film is the first of three posts I’m going to share on the EXACT SAME SHOOT. I thought I would play around and experiment with different cameras, lenses, and medium (film v digital). Today’s post is the film session of Scout and Tyler in a field of yellow flowers in […]


September 21, 2022

Is Film Dead?

is film dead? nope, not according to this shot of a little girl sitting on a leather couch in the living room

Is film dead? Lately I’ve felt myself being drawn back to the medium through which I fell in love with photography. I still have one of my old film cameras, the Canon EOS 3, which I’ve had since 2000 I believe. Recently, I got it out and purchase some of the Kodak Portra 160 ISO […]

For Photographers

September 20, 2022

3 Best Lenses for Wedding Photography + What’s In My Camera Bag

Are you a photographer who’s wondering what are the best lenses for wedding photography? Today’s post is for you! I’m going to share what I have in my camera bag, along with what I believe to be the best lenses for wedding photography for Canon shooters. BTW, if you don’t shoot Canon, there are adapters […]

Model Portraits, Senior Portraits

September 19, 2022

Bentonville Senior Pictures for Taegen

Bentonville Senior Pictures location ideas include the ivy wall at the Cutting Room theatre near a tyedye wall

Our next installment of Taegan’s Bentonville senior pictures take place at the most unlikely of places: A movie theatre. There is a really cool theatre in downtown Bentonville (think: a modern architecture version of Alamo Drafthouse) that had 4 different background textures to use for senior photos. Since I hadn’t shot at this venue before, […]

Model Portraits, Senior Portraits

September 18, 2022

Senior Pictures at a Vinyl Store for Ellie

artsy senior pictures in a vinyl store for our redhead senior surrounded by old records

Ellie’s Senior Picture Ideas are the BEST Our next contribution to the NYC senior portraits series are senior pictures at a vinyl store. This was all Ellie’s idea, but as soon as I heard it I was completely on board. My love for vinyl goes back to my childhood, as it was what we listened […]


September 17, 2022

Weekly Roundup #8

test driving a tesla via turo

Wait, it’s not Sunday… I know. I’m moving the weekly roundup to Saturday because Sundays are going to be “senior sunday”s for the next couple of months. JHS vs. Webb City HS Football Friday night, we went to Joplin to watch the JHS football game Ellie dance. There are so few Friday nights that I’m […]

For Photographers

September 16, 2022

Free Photo Mentorship Zoom Meetings

When I first started, there was no such thing as a free photo mentorship. Honestly, I’m not sure there is anything like that now. I was reminded of that when a photographer friend sent me the following message (she was referring to wayyyy back in 2009): Hi Dale! Hope you are well! I wanted to […]

For Photographers

September 15, 2022

Repeated Pattern: Best Composition Tools

A repeated pattern is one of my favorite composition tools that I often use to elevate my photography. Repeated patterns can occur naturally or can be “manmade,” but in either case, it occurs when an element is repeated throughout the frame of a photographic image. It can be repeated once or multiple times. In the […]

Luxury Wedding, Weddings

September 14, 2022

The Wedding Photos You’ll Want Most in 5 Years

late father with his bride daughter in her wedding day.

Today’s post has weighed heavy on my heart. Over the past few weeks some of my dear couples have lost loved ones. If you think the wedding is just about the bride and groom, you might be wrong. While the sacriment is important, it’s also about the relationships of the guests: the family and friends. […]

Model Portraits, Senior Portraits

September 13, 2022

Taegan’s Senior Portraits in NWA

Senior portraits in NWA in a field of yellow flowers for a high school senior

Taegan isn’t from Northwest Arkansas, but that didn’t deter her from getting her senior portraits in NWA. She wanted something different than her friends from Joplin High School, so she and her family made the short drive to the Natural State for gorgeous senior pictures. Today I’m going to share some of my favorites from […]

Fashion / Blogger, Senior Portraits

September 12, 2022

Senior Pictures at Museum of Ice Cream for Ellie

Senior Pictures at Museum of Ice Cream of teenage girl with red hair in a rainbow archway

These senior pictures at the Museum of Ice Cream in NYC are some of my favorites. The MOIC has a bunch of different rooms that all make for great photos, and today we are sharing one of my favorite rooms, the rainbow arch. It took some patience and skill to shoot in this spot because […]


September 11, 2022

Sunday Weekly Roundup #8

Makin’ Mems One of the hardest things for me in my life is leaving my family when I travel for work. While this week I was home each day (yay!), there are often weeks that I don’t get to see my girls. Ellie and Cece are old enough to understand, but it really kills me […]

Bridal Portraits, Model Portraits

September 10, 2022

Scouting: The Importance of Finding New Photo Locations

Scouting new photo locations for Mercedes' shoot led us to this dirt road with mountains behind the model at sunset.

Finding new photo locations is often the last thing a photographer has time to do. Most photographers (particularly those in their first couple years of business) are so busy trying to figure out how to run a successful business that spending time with chores that don’t directly impact sales is often overlooked. For example, a […]

Wedding Planning

September 9, 2022

Should I Get a Band or DJ for My Wedding Reception?

“Should I Get a Band or DJ for My Wedding Reception?” is a question I get from almost every couple I work with. Having photographed more than 500 weddings in Arkansas and the country, I have been to some really incredible wedding receptions. I’ve also been to receptions where the guests sat and stared the […]

Documentary, Fine Art

September 8, 2022

16 of My Favorite Photos I’ve Taken

One of my most very favorite corporate clients, Arrow Senior Living, asked me to create fine art portraits of some of their residents. While I can’t tell you exactly what is going to happen with this project, I can share 16 of my most favorite photos I’ve taken. I love this collection because you can […]

Documentary, Personal

September 7, 2022

There Are No Insignificant Moments

On one of my recent flights back to NWA I watched the movie Kodachrome. The storyline centers around a photographer and his son. While I won’t give away the story and moral, I did start to think about the role photography plays in my family. We’ve all heard the saying, “the cobblers children have no […]

Senior Portraits

September 6, 2022

Senior Portraits in a Subway Station for Ellie

Senior Portraits in a Subway Station? Why not! Is it illegal to shoot photos in a subway? Absolutely not, so we thought we could depict Ellie’s love for travel by using the trains of a subway station for her senior pictures. We put a lot of thought into this shoot from beginning to end. The […]


September 5, 2022

My NYC Portraits, By Ellie

We weren’t in the big apple to shoot my NYC Portraits, but that’s exactly what we did. Ellie has grown up with a camera pointed at her. She knows light and she knows angles. She has also shot some of her own photography over the years. While these are, obviously, her first NYC Portraits, she […]