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Inside Kristin Chenoweth’s Wedding: The Fairy-tale wedding of starlight and dreams.



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When the Wicked star, Broadway’s crowned jewel, Kristin Chenoweth, announced her wedding plans with the talented musician Josh Bryant, we all knew that the day would be an ensemble of star-studded glamour and heartfelt moments. And as expected, the afternoon of Saturday, September 2, in a private residence nestled within the opulence of Dallas, Texas, turned into a page straight out of a fairy tale.

Grand portrait of Josh Bryant and Kristin Chenoweth on the wedding day in front of the private residence.
Kristin Chenoweth's wedding portraits with husband Josh Bryant.

A Heartfelt Ceremony

As Kristin glided down the grand staircase and down the aisle, both she and Josh were emotional. The path of flower petals guided the bride and her father toward her soulmate, and even this wedding photographer teared up. The wedding ceremony was intimate and meaningful, and the guests all looked on with love as Kristin and Josh recited their vows.

Kristin Chenoweth cries as her dad escorts her down the wedding aisle during her ceremony with Josh Bryant.

It’s rare for reality to outshine our dreams, but for those lucky enough to witness the union, the day was an exquisite testament to the couple’s love and their shared adoration for art (the residence was a legitimate museum), elegance (obviously), and the spirit of celebration (aka: SO.MUCH.FUN).

A Couture Dream

Adorning Kristin’s petite frame were not one, but two custom-designed wedding gowns from the couture designer, Pamella Roland. The first, capturing the essence of a serene morning, was reminiscent of a song – delicate, poetic, and eternally romantic. The second was a testament to the starry evening, sophisticated and captivating, echoing the allure of Broadway’s dazzle and the midnight sky. Both ensembles symbolized facets of Kristin’s personality – her grace, her fervor, and her undying passion for her craft.

Witnessing Tyler and Scout’s relationship opened my heart up to the power of mother-and-daughter moments. As a luxury wedding photographer, it’s my honor and responsibility to anticipate timeless moments like this.

A Confectionary Ode

What’s a wedding without a cake that stands as a monument to the couple’s shared journey? Kristin’s close friend and co-host of Candyland on Food Network, Ignacio “Nacho” Aguirre Martinez, took this to heart, crafting a custom wedding cake that wasn’t just delicious but also perfectly reflected the couple. The custom elements made the cake personal for the couple: horns for Josh and Louboutins for Kristin.

Dunkin Donuts also sent over some delectable treats along with a sweet message:

Custom donut wall from Dunkin Donuts for Kristin Chenoweth's wedding

Stars Descending on Dallas

The private residence in Dallas became a veritable constellation that evening. Among the attendees were renowned figures like Katherine McFee Foster and her illustrious husband, David Foster. Hocus Pocus star (and Sister Act star), Kathy Najimi, graced the occasion with her magnetic presence, as did Kenny Ortega, Michael Orland, and a plethora of Broadway luminaries and musicians. It was as if the stage had been set for an exclusive Broadway show, with each celebrity adding their unique note to the evening’s symphony.

First Dance Serenaded by Country Music Star

But, amid all the starry encounters, an evening’s high note (pun intended) was the couple’s first dance. As the first strains of music filled the reception space, country music star Ty Herndon began his special performance. Their dance embodied dreams, hopes, and every whispered promise they had shared.

Ty Herndon performs the first dance song at Kristin Chenoweth's wedding to Josh Bryant

I love capturing special moments like this. Kristin and Josh’s first dance was filled with special moments like this, as guests looked on in admiration, many capturing the moments for themselves with their cell phones.

A Frosty Late-Night Treat

As the night edged towards its conclusion, a surprise awaited. The Slurpee truck from 7/11 rolled in, an unexpected delight in an evening of refined elegance. But, it was pure Kristin – playful, whimsical, and endearing. Guests, stars, and family alike raised their Slurpees to the couple: a toast to love, life, and the joy of unexpected treats.

The Fairy-Tale that Was Kristin Chenoweth’s Wedding

Kristin Chenoweth and Josh Bryant’s wedding was more than a union; it was an experience, a Broadway show of its own. And as the curtain fell on their special day, they left behind a mosaic of memories – of laughter, music, dance, and love. For in the heart of Dallas, two souls promised forever, surrounded by stars, serenaded by music, and blessed by everyone who bore witness to their enchanting fairy tale.

Thanks for being here,

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Kristin Chenoweth’s wedding vendors:

Design, Planning and Management: @CrystalFrasierWeddings 

Floral: @davidkimmeldesign 

Photography: Benfield Photography

Makeup: @jillcady_makeup

Hair: Bruce Wayne Fisher 

Stylist- @debswatson   Deborah Watson

Gown Designer: @pamellaroland (2 dresses)

Ceremony Heels- @jimmychoo  

Reception Heels- @louboutinworld  

Bar facades, China and Chair Rentals: @toptiereventrentals

DJ and Sound- @jerrymowery2 

Videography: @bsrweddingfilms  

Drapery: @partydallas

Groom Suit:  @jcrew

Groom Shoes and Belt: @prada

Invitation, Programs, Bar Menus, Dog Napkins, Signage: @stampedpaper

Dance Floor: @centerstage_floors

Cake and Mini Desserts: @delice_sanantonio @nachoaguirrem

String Quartet: @lydiaumlauf

Lighting and Cold Sparks: @absolutelighting

Linens: @bbjlatavola

Caterer: @thecfexperience_

Slurpee Truck: @slurpee

Donuts: @dunkin

Valet: Jack Boles 

Gift Bags, Stickers, Napkins, Cups- @theessentialmkt

Transportation: @premierofdallas

Bartenders: @toptiereventstaffing            

Rehearsal Dinner Cake: @baskinrobbins

Departure car: @dfwvintagecars

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