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Best Wedding Kisses of 2021: Benny Award Nominees



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The Best Wedding Kisses of 2021 Nominees might just make you blush!

About the Best Wedding Kisses of 2021 Nominees

“Since the invention of the kiss there have been five kisses that were rated the most passionate, the most pure. This one left them all behind. The End.” This quote from The Princess Bride is one of my very favorites. And today, that’s what we are looking for in our Best Wedding Kisses of 2021 nominees. Some of these nominees were the first kiss as a married couple. Others were during the couple’s first look moment. And others were during special moments on the wedding day.

How to Vote

The important thing to know about voting is that the winners get REAL PRIZES! Like, REAL. Because of that, we have to have some rules so that we all play fair.

  1. You can vote for ONE image in each category (explore the blog for the other categories).
  2. Also, you can vote one time EACH DAY – set yourself a reminder to vote for your favorites every 24 hours.
  3. And, you can vote on different devices. Have an ipad, laptop, work computer, and iphone? Great! They all work.
  4. Finally, you can ask your friends, family, neighbors, instagram followers, facebook groups, etc. to vote!
Best Kisses of 2021 Nominee shows a bride and groom kissing in a field at sunset
Paige and Peyton

Wedding Kiss at Osage House in Cave Springs
Ashley and Chad

Best Wedding Kisses of 2021 nominee shows a bride and groom sitting at the head table of the reception outside the Inn at Carnall Hall in Fayetteville.
Caroline and Christian

Wedding kiss of bride and groom in front of St. Catherine's Chapel at Bell Gables in Fayetteville.
Brittany and Jake

Haley and Jacob

I Street Ballroom wedding kiss
MaKayle and Kyrei

Lauren and Rafael

Best Wedding Kisses of 2021 Nominee shows a bride and groom kissing in an art gallery at Crystal Bridges.
Heather and Chris
Whitney and Levi


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