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Melissa’s Family Lifestyle Photo Session in D.C.



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During my recent trip to the D.C. area, I had the pleasure of photographing Melissa’s Family Lifestyle Photo Session in their home. Melissa reached out to me on Instagram after I posted a travel notice to the D.C. area. She wanted to book a session. As we planned the shoot, we knew the weather would be frigid (literally – like 5 degrees). Melissa shared the idea of doing a lifestyle session in their home, and I immediately jumped on board.

The reasons I love a Family Lifestyle Photo Session: 1) the kids are comfortable because they are in a familiar space where they feel safe. This is huge and it manifested clearly in these photos – she was so happy and comfortable with me there. 2) It was cold outside and all the nature was dead. 3) It was a very relaxed session that had personal touches (the family cat even made an appearance!

Lifestyle sessions differ from portrait sessions. My lifestyle sessions allow me to come to you and photograph you in your space, instead of having you looking at the camera the entire time. They let me be creative and experience your family dynamic while capturing all the best moments. The “moments” make this type of shoot unique. These sessions work perfectly for kids aging from 1-3 (and honestly all ages, but are preferable for this age group.

Family Lifestyle Photo Session with the toddler crawling through a tunnel
Family Lifestyle Photo Session with the family cat

If you want a Family Lifestyle Photo Session with me as your photographer, shoot me an email:

Talk to you soon,

P.S. Want to see another home session like this? Here you go:

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